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News Flash: Critics Out of Touch with Audiences

Vol. 1

By Karl Schneider     May 21, 2006

Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper
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KJ's Take is hopefully going to be a weekly column posted every Sunday featuring: my opinions on various news throughout the week, mini reviews, answers to any emails readers may send me, cool happenings I stumble on around the web, and anything else I can think up. The column will change week to week, and is essentially going to be whatever junk I want to get out of this little head of mine. Feel free to send all hate mail to

So lets start!

Some Thoughts on The Da Vinci Code

While surfing the web this week, I noticed that The Da Vinci Code was getting mauled by critics everywhere worse than Jessica Alba at a virgin convention: it now sits at 18% positive via Rotten Tomatoes. I was in the mood for some torture, so I scrounged around in the cushions of my couch until I mustered up the $8.50 needed and headed out to the theaters.

The movie reminded me a lot of National Treasure, but with a darker tone and score. Both movies follow a clue to clue plot, and both capture your interest fairly well. The thing that bothered me most about the movie was the acting. Tom Hanks meandered himself down to the local post-office and mailed in his performance, while Audrey Tautou delivers a bland, emotionless, and sometimes cringe worthy performance. There is a scene where she confronts her grandfather's killer on a plane that was just plain awful.

That said ... what in the heck were critics thinking. This movie was worse than R.V.? Really?! Come on, and they wonder why no one listens to them. The movie may not be Oscar worthy, but it is passable entertainment. Oh, did I mention Da Vinci Code opened to an estimated $30 million on Friday alone? Da Vinci - 1 Critics - 0


So a Transformers CGI video hit the web this week. Made by a 3rd party not affiliated with the movie, it never-the-less got me excited. Bay is directing the film, and God knows he is gonna blow stuff up. This thing is gonna be an action packed extravaganza, and that is fine by me. I simply can't wait for this film. Give it to me now!

Batman Legos

For anyone who didn't see, Lego is coming out with a Batman set that features Arkham Asylum. I love the idea, hate the actual toy. What happened to the days when you would walk down the isles of K-Mart with your Dad and be so amazed as you lifted the front cover of a Lego box? Seriously, I would cry if I didn't get my Legos ... and you wonder why kids turn to PS3, this stuff is weak!

Best Trailers Ever

So, can anyone name me a better trailer than the one for Independence Day? I was watching it again just a few days ago (you can do so here), and man is it good! The ending literally sends a tingle down my spine, and when the White House gets blown up in the teaser ... oh man ... it just makes me want to watch the movie all over again. Independence Day is everything that War of the Worlds should have been, but wasn't. That isn't even debatable. Speaking of which, War of the Worlds had so much potential ... what the heck happened?! Actually, don't answer that, it brings back a flood of bad memories.

Console Wars

So it seems like Nintendo is going to sit back and stay out of this generation's war while PS3 and Xbox 360 go at each other's throats. I personally can't decide what to do. I haven't picked up a 360 yet, and I likely won't shell out the $600 Sony wants for the PS3 ... heck I was having a hard enough time finding the $8.50 for a movie. That Nintendo Wii is looking better and better the more I look at my bank statement.

KJ's Top 5

1) Cars - What can I say, I am a Pixar junkie. One of my friends has seen the movie already, said it's there best film to date ... that's all I needed to hear, book me for opening night.

2) Superman Returns - Final Trailer looked good. Poster looked good. They stole Singer. This better not suck.

3) Miami Vice - The trailer was attached to Da Vinci and oh my, I can't wait.

4) Casino Royale - This movie is still months off, but nevertheless, it sits at #4 above a lot of other films. I enjoyed Pierce Brosnan as Bond, but I am ready for a new face and a new direction. I had my doubts, all of which are gone. Bond is back baby.

5) Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Loved the first one. Have my doubts about this one. Either way, I will be there opening weekend. If the reviews are good, my anticipation will skyrocket.

Cool Contest

The World of KJ is running a contest for X-Men: The Last Stand, the winner gets: X-Men I, X-Men II, Spider-Man I, Spider-Man II, The Punisher, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Elektra, Ultimate Avengers, Blade I, Blade II, and Blade Trinity on DVD. To enter you have to predict how much money X-Men: The Last Stand will make on Sunday the 28th. Contest Here.

Black Film is giving away 10 copies of the Kingdom of Heaven 4 Disc Director's Cut DVD. You just have to submit your email. Contest Here.

OK guys. That is it for this week, but I need your help for future columns! If you see a cool contest while browsing the web ... let me know!! Have an issue with something I said ... write me and state your opinion!! I will use your emails in future columns, so lets get cracking. If you read this far, you probably have your own opinion and I want to hear it. You can send all emails to


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coldhardtruth 5/21/2006 6:41:52 PM
It is hardly a news flash that film critics are out of touch.
karlschneider 5/21/2006 10:53:20 PM
Eh daforce is welcome to criticze, especially if he has legit gripes. I make errors from time to time, will only continue to improve if others point them out! Though I disagree on Cars, I believe the film is loosely based on the MJF story: just as many other Pixar films have been based on other stories, heck Incredibles was pretty much a ripped off story. I don't care where Pixar gets the story as long as it WORKS!
swol 5/22/2006 10:03:47 AM
Regarding DaVinci...I found that the film did a pretty good job. Consider the source material is VERY exposition heavy by necessity and that does not make for dramatic film. It does however, make for a thought provoking film. The fact that this story sold HUGE numbers in print made people expect the same for the film. The two types of media just don't work the same way. As for the acting, it was very low-key with the exception of Ian McKlellen(sp?). For this type of film, that works. This was not a torn-shirt, snappy banter, indestructable characters kind of a story. Low key works here. I personally would rate this as very good. Maybe not great, but well worth the price of admission.


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