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Site News: News blog! Story fader! And the return of the email newsletter!

By Rob M. Worley     November 07, 2007

Back in June, right after we launched the all new 10th anniversary edition of Comics2Film, we sent our programmers and designers on a much needed vacation.

By noon the same day they were back at their workstations, bloodshot eyes feverishly combing over php and css other things lacking vowels. We heard your feedback, dear reader, and we've been working hard to make sure you're getting the most out of your C2F experience.

Here's what's new and exciting:

News blog: Mouse up to the Home tab on the top-level menu and you'll see the first item underneath it is the News Blog. This is an expanded view of Comics2Film's news feed, presented bloggy-style. Some of you missed the old, ugly front page because, well gosh darn it, it was just handy having all those headlines and summaries on one page together. If that's how you like to read your news, then the news blog is for you!

Choose your front page: OK, so maybe you just read that bit about the news blog and said, "That's great, kids, but I wish the site's front page looked like that". Well, your wish is C2F's command. Now you can choose which page you see first whenever you visit C2F (we assume you visit several times a day). Current choices are the traditional front page, the news blog, or the fan art gallery. Let us know if you'd like another choice and we'll be like #1 and make it so! This feature is for registered C2F readers only, so if you haven't signed up, now is the time!

Email Newsletter: Comics2Film's email newsletter has been a staple of inboxes everywhere for almost as long as the site has been around. But when we relaunched the website, we had to halt new subscriptions. Now we've reopened it and are delivering an all-new letter with a clean look and feel. Registered C2F readers can sign up here.

Pretty story fader: You probably noticed it without our help, but the webmonkeys worked their little tails off to polish up a nice widget for the front page, that lets you know what all the important stories are for the day. It's your portal to the most interesting news items...or you can just stare at it for hours for soothing relaxation!

Better story access: We've unified our fragmented content management system. No more clicking into brief middle-man blurbs. A headline line takes you to either a substantive article here  on C2F or directly to the source of the news elsewhere.

More: There is more, but much of it is backoffice stuff that only the C2F staff will enjoy. But there'll be more big changes before the new year rings in. Keep checking in with your C2F!



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