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7/24/2008 12:45:16 PM permalink

CONAN: The Musical
Start Spreading the news - They're in the money! Despite miles of protests from hard-core fans, the first week's showing of "Conan: The Musical" went off without a hitch, and raked in a metric ton of dough! Audiences were thrilled, apparently, to hear the all-singing, all-dancing, all-weight-lifting cast, putting their voices to such soon-to-be-classic hits as... "What's Best In Life" (Sung to the tune of The Lennon Sisters' "My Favorite Things") "Who Dies First?" (Sung to Run-DMC's "Run's House") "The Riddle of Steel," (Sung to Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car") and "There's nothing in the universe cold steel won't cut," (Sung to The Beatles' "Come Together") "I really didn't expect to get so much blood on me," one pleased theater-goer exclaimed upon exit, "but it says right there on the ticket - 'First three rows will get wet!'" Conan: The Musical is to run for a 73-week engagement. Mark Millar sells movie script based on unwritten comic based on dream.
Scottish shock-rock performance artist Mark Millar has announced that he has several "big time hollywood directors" lined up to film an as of yet unnamed and unwritten comic. Based on a dream the writer intends to have several nights after this interview, Mark Millar had this to say about his latest comic to movie transition: "Life's boring and futile. We start oaf wi high hopes, then we bottle it. We realize that we're aw gaunnae die, withoot really findin oot the big answers. We develop aw they long-winded ideas which jist interpret the reality ay oor lives in different weys, withoot really extending oor body ay worthwhile knowledge, about the big things, the real things. Basically, we live a short, disappointing life; and then we die." When asked about his feeling towards adapting the hit movie "Wanted" into a graphic novel, the hit writer commented, "It unnerves us tae the extent that ah feel ma ain genitals through ma troosers tae see if they're still thair." Though the comic is still over a year away from being written or drawn, Wizard Magazine has already awarded it "best book of the year" for 2009, 2010, and "possibly even 2011." Peter David to write novel adaptation of the cinematic adaptation of a comic. As always.
chocolate cake
At an announcement meeting for The Watchmen: The Movie: The Novel, Peter David struck and badly injured a young man who happened to be carrying a large chocolate cake through the convention hall. When pressed for comment, David was quoted as saying "Nom Nom Nom," as he used both hands to push the cake down his throat. At a later publicity meeting, David attempted to explain that he had not even been at the earlier meeting, and that the assailant had in fact been Cannonball Run's Dom DeLuise. Police continued to investigate the bizarre case until forced to admit that they "couldn't tell the difference between the two guys." At which point they all went home.

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