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Another 'Batman Begins' report
(August 17, 2004)
"And they say New York is the city that never sleeps. They must be out of Vivarin and Coca-Cola in Chicago, because it seems like everyone is staying up to watch the production of 'Batman Begins'! I'm not complaining though. Another scooper reports on the

Guillermo del Toro gears up for 'Hellboy 2'
(August 17, 2004)
"'Hellboy 2', I start writing it in the Fall and then it'll depend on how fast we get a script we're all happy about and how fast we can work out a budget and a date," says director Guillermo del Toro about the sequel to his hit comic adaptation. "It's in

Undercover spies see 'Batman Begins' action
(August 17, 2004)
Yet another report from the Chicago shoot of 'Batman Begins.'

Warren Ellis 'Global Frequency' on-set report and PHOTOS
(August 17, 2004)
Comic scribe Warren Ellis' blog is now contiuosly updated from the set of 'Global Frequency,' the TV show based on his comics of the same name.

Wanted: An actor to play 'Superman'
(August 17, 2004)
IT'S a bird, it's a plane, it's ... you? Casting agents for the long-suffering "Superman" movie have turned to to find a leading man - now that every A, B and C-minus Hollywood star has passed on the part. "Late 20s, tall (must be at least 6

'Constantine', 'Blade' and 'Smallville'
(August 17, 2004)
Before one of the biggest crowds for a Vertigo panel at a convention, Constantine director Francis Lawrence again showed an 18-minute montage of clips from the film on Sunday at Wizard World Chicago. David Goyer, writer and director of Blade: Trinity, t

Smallville #4.5 Spoilers and Title
(August 17, 2004)
The title of the fifth episode of Season Four of 'Smallville' is "Run," and new spoilers about the episode can now be found at KryptonSite! Yes, this IS the episode that features a young speedster named Bart...

Smallville #4-2: "Gone" Images
(August 17, 2004)
KryptonSite has posted seven images from "Gone," the second episode of Season 4 of Smallville...

Smallville Season Premiere Clip
(August 17, 2004)
Some leaked clips from the Season 4 premiere of 'Smallville' (airing Sept. 22) have leaked onto the Internet, including a scene between Clark and the new Lois, Erica Durance! And what's that on Lana's back? Click to see spoilery screen captures!

Smallville Season 3 DVD Release Date
(August 17, 2004)
Season 3 of 'Smallville' will be released on DVD on November 16, 2004 from Warner Home Video. For a list of special features, follow the link!

VIDEO: The Punisher In-Store Signing
(August 17, 2004)
UGO caught up with Thomas Jane and Joe Quesada at Midtown Comics in New York City for a little punishment.

Superman "S" Spotted on Channel 10?
(August 16, 2004)
Scooper spots the 'Superman' shield on studio doors at Fox studios in Sydney on a nightly news report...

Batman Begins Weekend Set Reports
(August 16, 2004)
A new round of reports from scoopers who saw bat-stuff in Chi-town...

'Spider-Man' switches cable networks by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(August 16, 2004)
Spider-Man can't seem to make up his mind. While 'Spider-Man 2' will be doing his web-spinning on HBO next summer, the franchise zooms over to HBO's competitor Starz! in 2006, starting with 'Spider-Man 3.' Spidey is the most visible illustration of the

Box Office: 'Spidey' sticks, 'Catwoman' crashes by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(August 16, 2004)
'Spider-Man 2', in its seventh week of release, is still a top 10 movie. The hero flick brought in another $3.5 million, to claim the #10 spot and bring the domestic gross up to $362.75 million. The more-recent comic-book opener, 'Catwoman' continues to fa

Bob 'The Beast' Sapp confirmed in 'Elektra' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(August 16, 2004)
Actor-wrestler Bob Sapp is confirmed to have just wrapped filming on 'Elektra' and is moving on to the Adam Sandler remake of 'The Longest Yard.'

Keeslar set for 'Art School Confidential' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(August 16, 2004)
Matt Keeslar is going back to school for United Artists' 'Art School Confidential' for helmer Terry Zwigoff and writer Daniel Clowes (both of 'Ghost World' fame). Keeslar plays an undercover cop investigating a series of murders on a college campus. More..

'Spider-Man 2' Tops, 'Catwoman' Flops Newsweek poll
(August 16, 2004)'s first movie-themed readers' survey, launched a week ago, collected more than 6,500 opinions. The best movie of the summer, with 28 percent of the vote, was 'Spider-Man 2.' 'Catwoman' landed in the bottom five. Click for details...

Comics in Context #49: Gray 'n' Green
(August 16, 2004) FilmForce continues their series on the Museum of Television and Radio's "Look! Up at the Screen! It's Superheroes on Television!" with a retrospective on the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno series 'The Incredible Hulk'.

Smallville: More Teasing from The WB
(August 16, 2004)
The WB aired an all new teaser early last night focusing on Smallville's Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). Click to view the video clip and several screen captures at the Devoted to Smallville Website!

Aspyr Media, Inc. Ships 'Spider-Man 2: The Game' for Macintosh
(August 16, 2004)
Aspyr Media, Inc. announced that 'Spider-Man 2: The Game,' has been shipped to distributors and is coming to the Apple Macintosh. 'Spider-Man 2: The Game,' licensed by Activision, was developed by Ryan C. Gordon, who has previously worked with Aspyr Media,

'Spider-Man 2' gig just fell out of the sky to writer
(August 16, 2004)
One day, Sam Raimi, the director of both Spider-Man movies, called Michael Chabon and asked him if he would like to write a screenplay for Spider-Man 2. Chabon had no idea such an opportunity was coming his way...

BK Diner uses Spidey senses to web up a cool $1,000,000
(August 16, 2004)
Spider-Man strikes again at Burger King restaurants, with one lucky winner claiming the $1,000,000 cash prize in the national Spidey Sense promotion. In true Peter Parker style, the 19-year-old winner prefers to keep his identity to the public a mystery, w

More 'Batman Begins' batmobile pictures
(August 16, 2004)
A scooper was in the right place at the right time Saturday, because he got some excellent freeze-frames of the Batmobile in action in Chicago.

Christopher Reeve In Vancouver For 'Smallville' Return?
(August 15, 2004)
Adding fuel to the previous rumors that Christopher Reeve's Dr. Swann character will be returning in Season 4, a KryptonSite tipster claims to have seen Reeve in Vancouver...

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