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The Top 10 GREATEST What If…? Stories by Kurt Anthony Krug, Writer
(April 20, 2011)
As mentioned in last week’s list about What If…?, it was a series conceived by writer Roy Thomas in the late 1970s, with Uatu the Watcher showing readers what would’ve happened in an alternate reality if a key event went a different way in the mainst

Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confirmed for Batman 3 by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 20, 2011)
Two more have been officially confirmed for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 2 by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 19, 2011)
A week after Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and unleashed the first webisode of their new series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, the second episode has come online as well. Watch it in the video player down below.

Lawrence's Mystique for X-MEN: First Class by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 18, 2011)
nother shot of Jennifer Lawrence in her Mystique makeup has appeared online courtesy of a fan website called JenniferLawrenceDaily (via SHH). Check out the new photo below as well as a previously-revealed (and official) screenshot of the actress sans the b

Statham Honors PARKER Code by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 18, 2011)
Action star Jason Statham will soon be killing some villains on the silver screen but only when he's truly forced to do so. Variety reports the star has signed to lead an adaptation of the late Donald Westlake's book series Parker, a new thriller out of In

Evans Talks Captain America, Avengers by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 18, 2011)
With a few weeks to go before the summer tentpole season hits high gear into theaters across the nation, USA Weekend sat down with Chris Evans to discuss one of the most highly-anticipated releases, Captain America: The First Avenger, with lead star Chris

Carbonell Returns for Dark Knight Rises by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 16, 2011)
Despite a recent production location change from Chicago to Pittsburgh for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the fictional city of Gotham lives on and genre fans will see its top politician return in the fast-tracking third installment. Variety re

More X-MEN: First Class Promos Appear by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 15, 2011)
Marvel Studio and 20th Century Fox's X-Men: First Class seems to have taken center stage in the latest issue of TotalFilm, with ComingSoon providing some promotional pictures to the online readers. Check out some of the new promo shots down below (along wi

Captain America Sequel Timeless by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 15, 2011)
When having been hired to pen a sequel script for a high-profile summer release, it's usually a straight forward affair for the writers in the development process. You see how the character ended up at the climax of the previous installment and you go from

Chu Promises Better JOE Film by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 15, 2011)
When it was first announced earlier this year that director Jon Chu was officially chosen to lead the production for Paramount Pictures' G.I. Joe sequel, it's putting it lightly that there was a mixed reaction from the fans. That's probably a normal reacti

New Cowboys & Aliens Trailer Arrives by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 15, 2011)
Universal Pictures has revealed a new full trailer for their upcoming summer comic tentpole release, Cowboys & Aliens. Hitting the web courtesy of Apple iTunes Movie Trailers, you fans can watch the trailer in HD QuickTime here or in the video player down

Clarke Duncan Voices Kilowog in GL by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 13, 2011)
Just a week after Geoffrey Rush joined the Green Lantern to voice Tomar-Re, HR is reporting Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming summer release has added another voice to the cast. After weeks on the rumor vine, Michael Clarke Duncan has entered negotiations to

Verheiden Co-Writing DARK TOWER by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 13, 2011)
With the monumental task of adapting Stephen King's The Dark Tower series ahead of them, Deadline reports that Universal Pictures and director Ron Howard are bringing in another writer to help flesh out the story. The online trade confirmed that Mark Verhe

Bradley Cooper is The CROW? by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
Just a few days after Relativity Media officially confirmed Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as the director to lead The Crow to theaters, Heat Vision is reporting Bradley Cooper may be landing the title character for the upcoming reboot.

MIB III Set Photos Online by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
Lead stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin were all smiles on the set for Men in Black III, the upcoming installment of Columbia Pictures' franchise. The Daily Mail (via XposurePhotos) caught the actors in costume on set waving to the cameras i

New PRIEST Trailer Hits Online by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
With just a month to go before Sony Screen Gems reveals the 3D adaptation of Priest to genre fans across the nation, the studio and Yahoo Movies have rolled out a second full trailer for the release. Watch it in the video player down below and chime in wit

Reynolds' Full Body Costume for GL by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
Some full body images of Ryan Reynolds in his CG costume as Green Lantern have made their way online courtesy of BreakingNewsUSA. Check out some of the shots down below and sound off with your thoughts on the look of the costume.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1 by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has unleashed the first digital episode of their new web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Coming online courtesy of , you can watch the first episode of the 9-part series in the video player down below.

Shannon Talks ZOD Casting by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 12, 2011)
It's not often that an actor would describe being cast as a classic villain in a major upcoming comic tentpole as "rediculous" but that's Michael Shannon for you. Just two days after Warner Bros. Pictures confirmed the "Boardwalk Empire" star would be suit

Intl. X-MEN: First Class Trailer by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 11, 2011)
International trailer for 20th Century Fox's X-Men: First Class is online with the English-language version.

Zod Cast in Snyder's SUPERMAN by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 10, 2011)
Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon has been cast as General Zod in Warner Bros. Pictures and Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of Superman.

Worst Sidekick Ideas Ever by Rob Wieland, Writer
(April 10, 2011)
The heyday of the sidekick was the Golden Age of comics. If you were a popular character, you soon picked up a young ally or two to exclaim things. Maybe you even got a trusty dog. Sidekicks are an important part of the super hero experience. They offer a

Captain America Re-Shoot Report by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 09, 2011)
A follow-up on this week's news that Captain America was doing some scheduled re-shoots in the Los Angeles area. One of our Maniacs, aptly named CaptainAmerica04, was at the scene and while he didn't see much activity from his standpoint, we'll pass it alo

Third THOR Clip Arrives by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 09, 2011)
Just a day after showing off a clip featuring a brief glimpse of a certain cameo, Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures have unleashed a third clip for their summer comic adventure, Thor. This latest one features the mighty warrior (Chris Hemsworth) in the

Fox Finds DEADPOOL Director? by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 08, 2011)
After quite a few near hits in their directing pool search, 20th Century Fox may have finally found a man to helm the spinoff X-Men Origins: Deadpool. Deadline is reporting that Visual Effects mastermind Tim Miller may be making his directorial debut on th

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