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More POTTER Books Possible by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(October 02, 2010)
Author J.K. Rowling has once again hinted that readers may have not seen the last of her Harry Potter universe. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set to begin launching in theaters in November---the first of a two-part film that culminates next su

Graphics Novels Get Banned Books Week Highlight by Chris Beveridge
(September 29, 2010)
Fan favorites once again make the grade as unacceptable.

The Fall: Book Two of The Strain Trilogy by Tim Janson, Columnist
(September 21, 2010)
The second part of Guilermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s “The Strain Trilogy” is out today from William Morrow. When I reviewed he first book in 2009 I called it the best vampire novel since Dan Simmons’ “Children of the Night”.

Haikasoru Adds Four New Titles by Chris Beveridge
(April 13, 2010)
New Novels By Some Of Japan’s Best Sci-Fi Writers Set To Debut This Spring

New Tom Clancy Book Set by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 07, 2010)
Tom Clancy, #1 international bestselling author, bestselling videogame presenter and one of the preeminent and most prescient storytellers of our time, has written a modern-day techno-thriller like nothing he has ever done before called Dead or Alive. The

6 Degrees From The Clash to Clash of the Titans by Rob Worley & Bob Trate, Columnists
(March 31, 2010)
6 Maniacal degrees, in which the experts at Mania explore the connective tissue of trivia that connects all of pop culture.

Twilight: Eclipse Companion Novel Coming by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 30, 2010)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of Hachette Book Group, has announced today that it will release the first new title from Stephenie Meyer in nearly two years. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is a novella told from the point of view o

New Stephen King Book Announced by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 29, 2010)
Cemetery Dance Publications, the world¹s leading independent publisher of collectible horror and suspense books, has just announced Blockade Billy by Stephen King, an original, never-before-published novella that only the King of Horror could have dreamed

Cameron Writing AVATAR Prequel by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(February 17, 2010)
While it's been confirmed that director James Cameron is planning a feature film trilogy on Avatar, it seems he also plans to write a prequel novel based on his characters. Producer Jon Landau has revealed to MTV that Cameron is fleshing out a prequel nove

5 Star Wars Storylines That Should Be Made Into Movies by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(October 07, 2009)
From the moment we witnessed Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter soar away from the shattered remains of the first Death Star, we were hooked. The story was far from over. Enticing us all with carrying out the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han were Kenner’s Star

Jane Austen and SEA MONSTERS by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(July 16, 2009)
From Quirk Books—publisher of the New York Times Best Seller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies—comes a new tale of romance, heartbreak, and tentacled mayhem! Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters expands the original text of Jane Austen’s beloved nove

Dan Brown's LOST SYMBOL Revealed by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(July 14, 2009)
Doubleday has revealed some new details and coverart for Dan Brown's next Robert Langdon adventure, The Lost Symbol.

David Eddings Passes Away at 77 by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(June 04, 2009)
Fantasy writer David Eddings has passed away at the age of 77. David, who was spotlighted in our recent Top 20 Greatest Fantasy Writers of All-Time, was predeceased by his wife and writing partner Leigh two years ago.

LOST SYMBOL for Dan Brown by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 20, 2009)
We now have a title for Dan Brown's next novel, the third adventure of his character Robert Langdon. The author announced today that the upcoming third novel will be called "The Lost Symbol" with a first print run of five million copies to be released in t

D&D Creator Dave Arneson Passes Away by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 10, 2009)
Dave Arneson, co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons game, passed away on Tuesday evening, April 7th, after waging one final battle against cancer

Tor Confirms Robert Jordan's STORM Split by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(April 01, 2009)
After a few days of early speculation from book fans, Tor Books has officially confirmed a release date for the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time installment, "A Memory of Light". The publisher also confirmed that final book "Memory" will be split into th

Final Ballot for Stoker Awards by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 26, 2009)
The final ballot list for this year's Stoker Awards have been unleashed to the media courtesy of the official website with notable Stephen King being nominated for two categories with his novel Duma Key and latest short story collection Just After Sunset .

Google and Sony Share E-Book Plan by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 19, 2009)
With Amazon's Kindle taking a lot of the E-Book spotlight for themselves lately, internet giant Google and Sony have announced a deal to to make a half million copyright-free books available for its Reader device so they can recapture the crown for the mos

Lapine Revives Realms of Fantasy by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 11, 2009)
Despite recently going under, the genre magazine Realms of Fantasy still has a future with publisher Warren Lapine buying the property and planning to redistribute as early as May.

Clive Cussler to Pay Millions in Legal Fees by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 11, 2009)
Author Clive Cussler will soon need to open his bankbook and pay out some major cash due to his 2007 lost court case over the Sahara rights. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John P. Shook agreed with lawyers for Crusader Entertainment and ordered Clive Cus

Lost Mark Twain Story Published by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 09, 2009)
The late Mark Twain lives on today with a never before seen work getting published next week.

Poe's Drunk Letter Shown by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 05, 2009)
In a celebration of his 200th birthday, a letter is on display in which Edgar Allan Poe apologizes for frequently being drunk and asks a publisher to buy one of his articles because he needs the money.

Mania Gets Twittered! by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 04, 2009)
Mania is set up on Twitter so log in and join the fun!

King's New E-Book a Bestseller by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(March 04, 2009)
Stephen King's new e-book novella "UR" jumped up to excellent sales right after release.

Philip Jose Farmer Passes Away by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(February 26, 2009)
Sci-fi author Philip Jose Farmer has passed away at the age of 91.

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