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DreamWorks & NBC Team Up by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(October 01, 2009)
NBC has joined with DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. to air two all-new, family-friendly animated holiday television specials based on the studio’s blockbuster feature films, Monsters vs. Aliens and Madagascar, both featuring many of the characters as voic

King's HAVEN Coming by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 29, 2009)
Just a few days after Syfy aired their re-imagining of Stephen King's Children of the Corn, Variety reports another published work of his will be developed for the small screen, this time in a possible series format. The latest development deal has his nov

V Debut Split Apart by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 27, 2009)
Over the course of the last few days there's been some mixed signals coming out of ABC's planned reinvention of "V." It went as far as some of the show's inside players wondering if their show received the axe before it even premiered. Other rumors indicat

61st EMMY Winners by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 21, 2009)
The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last night (Sunday, September 20, 2009) awarded the 2008-2009 Primetime Emmys for programs and individual achievements on the “61st Primetime Emmy Awards” originating on the CBS Television Network from the Noki

FALLEN Angels at Fox by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 21, 2009)
Angels and demons battling it out, vigilante style, on the television? That seems to be the idea with Fox TV agreeing to produce John Glenn's new drama, Fallen. Screenwriter Glenn (Eagle Eye) is executive producing with Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope, th

FLASH FORWARD's First 18 Minutes by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 21, 2009)
With just a few days before ABC reveals the first episode of their new dramatic series, Flash Forward, the network has unleashed a clip showing off the first 18 minutes.

Carro Boards CAPRICA by Stephen Lackey, Columnist
(September 10, 2009)
During the Battlestar Galactica panel at this past weekend’s Dragon Con event held in Atlanta Georgia, the focus was on that fantastic television series. Michael Hogan and a few others on the panel that are in The Plan, the feature film set to air on SyF

Bruckheimer Project to NBC by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 09, 2009)
Even with his always busy slate of theatrical productions, it's looking like mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn't plan to slow down anytime soon on the small screen as well. Variety reports the man behind the popular "CSI" series also has a new action p

5 Characters Who Embody the Spirit of Labor Day by Joe Oesterle, Writer
(September 05, 2009)
Yeah, yeah, yeah…. You're all overworked. Except for the ten percent of you who are unemployed thanks to this crazy economy, but you're probably thinking you're working too hard just to get a job in which you'll eventually feel you'll be working too hard

PRIME SUSPECT for NBC by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 03, 2009)
Another popular U.K. series is coming to the states for NBC. "The Office" certainly worked so why not bring in some more dramatic elements? HR reports NBC has handed a commitment to an U.S. take on the acclaimed Prime Suspect, which will be written by "Wit

FLASH FORWARD Sneak Peek by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 02, 2009)
ABC has revealed a new sneak peek at their next genre series, Flash Forward.

Lena Headey in GAME OF THRONES by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 02, 2009)
It seems to be a week where former "Sarah Connor Chronicles" stars are officially moving on to other greener pastures. Two days after Summer Glau was cast in Whedon's "Dollhouse", actress Lena Headey has been tapped to star in HBO's upcoming fantasy pilot,

TEEN WOLF Pilot Moving Ahead by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(September 01, 2009)
Announced last January as part of their development slate, MTV is moving forward on their upcoming television reboot of Teen Wolf.

Summer Glau Joins DOLLHOUSE by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(August 31, 2009)
Summer Glau ("Firefly," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") reunites with Joss Whedon when the actress joins the cast of "Dollhouse" this fall in a recurring role as Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a past with Echo (Eliza Dushku). The secon

Nat Geo Takes Us to ALIEN EARTHS by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(August 21, 2009)
Just a friendly reminder Maniacs that our friends over at the National Geographic Channel are preparing some treats for you space program-loving geeks out there. If like me, you love traveling through the stars on those fantastic information channels, you

Syfy Renews WAREHOUSE 13 by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(August 21, 2009)
The Syfy channel's Executive Vice President, Mark Stern, has announced the network has ordered 13 episodes of its smash hit original series "Warehouse 13" for a second season, slated for a summer 2010 return.

Here's SMALLVILLE's Metallo by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(August 19, 2009)
Your first photo of Brian Austin Green as Metallo in SMALLVILLE is online. Plus: Does comic reveal IRON MAN 2 designs? TWILIGHT star to topline YOUNGBLOOD movie? Sabretooth to come back for WOLVERINE 2? More? In the midnight hour, it cried more, more more!

Patton Oswalt Boards CAPRICA by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(August 17, 2009)
When looking for an actor to portray a comedian on a fictional sci-fi series, why not hire a comedian? That seems to be the thinking behind Syfy's decision to sign Patton Oswalt for a recurring role in their upcoming BSG spin-off, Caprica.

TCA '09: V Re-Vamped by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 09, 2009)
The cast and crew of the new version of V revealed some of their secrets at the TCA press event today, expounding both upon the ways it remains true to the 1980s original and the ways in which it forges a new path.

Glimpsing the Future With Flash Forward by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 08, 2009)
The producers and cast of Flash Forward unveiled the pilot of their new TV series for the press today. The show looks to be one of the better entries for the 2009 season, with a strong ensemble, compelling characters and a terrific hook.

Human Target Takes Aim on Fox by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 08, 2009)
Human Target--the DC Comics property about a detective who impersonates his clients in order to protect them--is officially slated as a midseason replacement series on Fox. Producer Jonathan E. Steinberg joined fellow producers McG and Brad Kern, and cast

Back to the Fringe by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 08, 2009)
Producers and cast members spoke at length about the second season of Fringe at the TCA press event Thursday, addressing the surprise ending of the first season and the ways in which the hit Fox show will advance in the future.

Stargate Creators Dish About Universe by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 06, 2009)
Stargate creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper spoke at the TCA press event about the newest incarnation of the durable science fiction franchise. Stargate Universe, set to debut this October on Syfy, features a Stargate team (along with a number of civil

Whedon Talks DOLLHOUSE by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(August 01, 2009)
"Welcome back to the biggest surprise of my career," a smiling Joss Whedon told reporters Friday as he sat down to discuss Season Two of Dollhouse.

FUTURAMA Cast Returning by Jarrod Sarafin, Editor
(July 31, 2009)
Fan backlash doesn't always work out but in this case, it slammed a home run for the return of Futurama. A few weeks after the production company 20th Century Fox TV angered fans with news that they could be replacing the original voice actors after a sala

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