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Night Ranger guitarist Jeff Watson Releases Online Only Album

By Randall D. Larson     July 14, 2006

Jeff Watson
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Jeff Watson, former Night Ranger and Mother's Army guitarist has joined the growing rank of artists that have chosen to release an "online only" album. The new solo album, Now Hear This One, Jeff's third, is actually half new material and half material that was previously released on his second album Around The Sun, which was an excellent and somewhat introspective set that prominently featured Steve Walsh on vocals. Jeff is excited about this relatively new vehicle for providing and selling music. "I think the advent of downloading music on the Internet is gonna change everything, with regard to how people get, and purchase, and distribute their music, so I wanted to be in on the bottom floor of that, because I think that's where it's gonna go. I think CDs will probably go the way of the vinyl LP, at some point."

The new tunes prove once again, as does his other solo work, that there is a lot more to Jeff Watson than the jaw-dropping eight finger guitar technique he first demonstrated back in the 80's. These are fine compositions, well produced with a myriad of guitar tones and style. The lyrical content also demonstrates that Jeff is a thinking man and indeed a concerned resident of our planet and environment.

Now Hear This One is available at major online music sellers, including iTunes, MSN, and Napster.

More info on Jeff Watson can be had at:

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johnwong 7/15/2006 12:35:11 AM
Whoever wrote this article must have copy it verbatim from the news release and have no clue who Night Ranger is. If you did a little research and even just google Night Ranger, you would find Jeff Watson is still in Night Ranger as one of their guitarist and is not a "former Night Ranger" If you going to report something, at least get you facts straight. Just reader and Night Ranger fan.


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