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Paul80323 7/16/2010 10:15:53 AM

This DVD is good if you like scat, rape and nastyness, but I must warn you, the story is poor, basically a repetition of some stuff you had already seen in other Night Shift Nurses DVD, there's no dialogues, and though the sex scenes are good the flick is only good for 45 minutes of one person lust.

The whole story is told through the diaries of Ren Nanase and the Perverted Doctor you hardly see in the whole flick, the camara is focused on Ren most of the time; Ren is a Nurse just coming out of the Medical school, she starts working in a hospital where she's getting further knowledge but there's a rumor of a serial rapist on the prowl and it is said that Ren's teaching Doctor, she goes to his home to confront him and he rapes her, over and over till she's totally insane.

You'll get to see Ren being raped, forced to poop twice, gang banged by a mob of patients (from whom you only see their genitals), giving head to the doctor and doing nasty stuff with the sperm in her mouth.

I'd give the flick a "C"


CaptainHicks 8/10/2011 8:42:06 AM

The whole 45 minute story is devided in many pieces from the diaries of Ren Nanase and the crooked Doctor who tortures her, at first she has a profound respect for him but later she gets in love with him; The story has several holes in which you have to guess what happened, like when Ren goes to the Doctor's house and then somehow she's naked and laying on a medical table at the Doctor's mercy.

The story deals with scat, rape, humilliation and gang banging, you can have it in English, English with subtitles or Japanese with subtitles at some moments of the flick Ren is talking so much that you want to yell "Shut up for a second Ren", in one of the strangest scenes I ever seen in a Hentai flick like this Ren actually vomits sperm, though you have to see it in slow motion to understand it.

I wont tell the ending but what you see in the screan actually contradicts the subtitles; I'll give the flick a C



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