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Nim's Island

4/6/2008 5:50:50 AM permalink

Nim's Island

It's likely a sad state of affairs when I can relate to a female character.

Okay, well possibly not.

This isn't about being sexist, this is about being just as crazy as one character I recently witnessed. One who, after much hassle, found herself on Nim's Island.

Alex (or Alexandra in this case) is a paranoid writer who, apparently, lives vicariously through her creation: a dashing, vibrant, Indiana Jones type of guy who looks somewhat like Brendan Fraser.

The character is so real she literally talks to him, sees him, and uses him as an excuse the way she does.

She stays locked up in her home in San Fran, buying hand sanitizer by the pound, and freaking out about anything outside her front door.

She is, so to speak, Adrian Monk's ideal woman. And, sadly, I find myself doing the same crazy things she does. A writer's life is a solitary life, for good or bad. (For good in my case, I don't have to deal with stupid people if I don't want to.)

But this character is just counterpoint to little Nim, who is an adventurer. She climbs volcanoes, she swims with the ocean life, she has a pelican named Galileo. And she lives all alone on their secluded island in the middle of nowhere.

This little girl, I hope, has a long career. I also hope her life doesn't jump the tracks in 10 years like Lindsay or Britney's has.

Nim's Island claims to be a fantasy, but I can't really see how. The most fantastic thing is the author interacting with her lead male character.

Another counterpoint in this unspoiled paradise is when little Nim must pull a "Home Alone" kind of counter attack when some really ugly crewmembers of a vacation ship land on the island, bringing with them even more ugly people who immediately take to wrecking the beach with porta-potties, something resembling Hula dancers, and so on.

Little Nim is the innocence and unspoiled made human in this perfect little world. And so she defends the island from those that seek to use it and abuse it for their own fun, and leave it a wreck when they leave.

There's nothing new here in this story, but you're hard pressed to find anything new in any movie these days.

I truly enjoyed this.

I really enjoy the fact that this little girl runs, climbs, does research, and reads books. All of these are characteristics you will not find in girls her age, especially not in my home when my niece and nephew are here.

My niece wants to sit on her butt all day, watching tv or playing a video game. You tell her to go outside and play, and you'll hear about how boring it is and how there's nothing to do.

You try to buy her a book for Christmas or her birthday, and she'll be immediately excited, and then one second later forget all about it. Harry Potter and Narnia are fun to watch, and all I hear about is "when is the next one coming out?"

Place the next story in their hands, in trade paperback, and they'll look at you like you just bought them underwear again. They want to know what happens in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," and when I say "read the book, it's been out for a few years now, you could go find out" they look at you as if you're a dumbass.

I'll never understand them.

Makes me wish I was on Nim's Island...or preferably my very own island. Either way, it'd be heaven on earth.

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