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Lots of new TURTLES on the horizon.

By Frank Kurtz     August 30, 2001
Source: Hollywood Reporter

CGI Turtles
© 2001 Mirage Studios

There's a number of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES projects in development right now, including a new Saturday morning animated series, John Woo and Terence Chang's CGI feature film, as well as a live-action miniseries being developed for the Hallmark cable channel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Steve Barron, helmer of the first TMNT movie, is attached to the miniseries project. Plans are to craft a two-night four-hour series which will combine CG Turtles with live-action actors. The project is currently waiting for a greenlight from Hallmark. Word has it that plans are to launch the series between May 2003 and May 2004.

While talking to the trade, Barron provided insight into the developing project and how the Turtles will be depicted, saying, "The NINJA TURTLES miniseries that Hallmark and I are developing will be a darker, more streetwise view of the characters. Taking its tone from the original comics, it will be an atmospheric and spectacular reinvention of the franchise using today's CGI technology to leap into the 21st century."

Meanwhile, Terence Chang spoke of his TURTLES movie, saying that the film will be "PG-rated versions of Woo's trademark action."

As for the timing on the project, Chang says, "We had to wait for a while for the kids who enjoyed the original TURTLES to grow up. We need to reinvent the TURTLES. We'd like the film to appeal to all ages, like SHREK, but by using CGI, we'll be able to retain a different feel than the original live-action films and be more faithful to the source material."

In addition, Rainbow Studios, which created the much talked about five-minute CGI demo for the deadended CG TURTLES TV series, will be working on the feature film.


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