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Nintendo GameCube delayed in US

So much for the three-day war

By James Stevenson     August 23, 2001

Luigi's Mansion
© 2001 Nintendo

At its annual Spaceworld show in Japan, Nintendo has announced that the GameCube will be delayed in the United States by two weeks.

Nintendo also made clear that LUIGI'S MANSION and WAVE RACE: BLUE STORM will be the only two first-party launch titles available. However, PIKMIN will follow a day later (one wonders why not just release it at launch), and SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE and ETERNAL DARKNESS will follow in December.

Microsoft must be relieved by the announcement as the XBox is scheduled to release on November 8th, now 10 days earlier than the GameCube. Originally, it was three days afterwards and there had been some speculation that Microsoft would try to release the console early.

More from Spaceworld as it breaks.


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