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What is Nintendo's New Game System?

Get ready for the Nintendo DS, set to arrive before the end of the year

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     February 13, 2004

Nintendo, home to Mario, Donkey Kong, the GameCube and now the Nintendo DS
© Nintendo

After some time off, we're back this week with some more commentary on the ever-changing videogame industry. Things have been in a flux recently, but we're back and ready to roll. Expect regular game reviews once again... we've got a lot of things to talk about.

This week, we're looking at the recently announced Nintendo DS. Nintendo announced a new dual-screen (vertically stacked) portable. It is not the successor to the Game Boy Advance, rather its own new gaming platform. With dual-processors, it could be quite the little beast, and a cheaper alternative to Sony's PSP.

But why two screens? Nintendo gave one example being a football game. One screen might show a backed out view of the entire field, the other a close up of the quarterback. It was an interesting idea, one that might allow for better view of the whole field as you play the game.

Sounds interesting if nothing else. Want to know what each of us has to say? Read on.

"I personally am skeptical, but excited about the possibilities. Honestly, I don't see why anyone should buy something for its dual-screens, but at the same time, Nintendo had to have learned its lesson from the Virtual Boy, right? That said, E3 is going to be really exciting to get my hands on a DS as well as a PSP.

"Nintendo has recently been about innovative gaming experiences. They want to give us something we haven't experienced before. It's evident that Nintendo realizes that its fans are those who appreciate fun gameplay over all else. It cut loose Rare, a company that produces solid games, but really relies on the same formulas. It helped to bring FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES to the GameCube, a game that's radically different.

"I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there is a whole new genre or two of games that no one has thought about except Nintendo. As long as Miyamoto's golden fingerprints are all over it, I think it'll please Nintendo fans. At least, I hope." James

"I know that it always comes back to bite me when I start doubting Nintendo, but I am really wondering about the Nintendo DS. Maybe when we can finally see it at E3 it will make a little more sense, but is it just me or does this thing sound really strange? Two screens sounds a little too odd for me, but, then again, I thought the Nintendo 64 controller would be the most uncomfortable thing ever made. I was wrong then, could be wrong here as well.

"And also, I feel like this may be kind of a slap in the face to people who are still buying the new Game Boy Advance SP models. I know for a fact that these things are still selling very well and I'm not really sure if a new system is needed already. True, the GBA has been out for some time, and the SP has been out for a while as well, but why mess with something that is doing sell well for them?" Troy


Microsoft has cancelled MYTHICA, the MMORPG based on Norse mythology...The new POKEMON titles, FIRE RED and LEAF GREEN, have sold over one million combined copies in less than a week in Japan...Electronic Arts has announced that it has acquired the rights to the CATWOMAN license...Nintendo has announced that over 20 million GBA systems have been sold in American alone...A new study has shown that women over 40 are the most hardcore online gamers...

On Shelves

Game of the week goes to Jet Li's RISE TO HONOR. The PlayStation 2 exclusive plays out like a good kung-fu movie and fans will be very happy with the final game. In addition, Bond fans can look forward to EVERYTHING OR NOTHING, the newest Bond game it has its own storyline and looks pretty sharp. Sports fans can't go wrong with WINNING ELEVEN 7. And finally on the Game Boy Advance, DISNEY'S ALADDIN. A good week for games.

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