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NIS America Highlights Fall Titles

By Chris Beveridge     September 06, 2010


NIS America sent out their solicitation information late last week for what to expect come late September through mid November for releases and they then followed it up with a bit more information, mainly in the form of large graphics showing off what the releases will look like. After wowing us with their first premium editions, suffice to say fans of those can't wait to get their hands on more of them to see what the company will do to make these seem like premium sets as well.

Todadora! Vol. 2  (due 9/28)


The high school romantic comedy continues as Ryuji and Taiga slowly begin to understand their feelings not just towards their crushes, but what they mean to one another. Christmas pageants, complete with a beautiful song, come and go. During a school trip to a ski resort, Ryuji will learn the truth about Taiga's heart. What will he do with this knowledge? The tiger and dragon stand together, but are they strong enough to face the obstacles life will throw at them?

Persona Vol. 2 (due 9/28)

The peaceful days at Ayanagicity came to an end for the Kanzatobrothers when the eldest brother, Ryo, disappeared one night. His childhood sweetheart was found dead and he was the prime suspect. Shin and Jun deal with the loss of their only remaining family while taking up their brother's will to use their Personas to fight against the dark presence growing in the city.

It is up to Shin and his Persona to stop the distortion and bring an end to the Marebitoand their twisted goals of exploiting Personas.

PandoraHearts Vol. 1 (due 10/26)

Oz Vessalius, who just turned fifteen, leads a rich and privileged life as the heir to the Vessaliusname and estate. Everything changes when, during his Coming of Age Ceremony, he is drawn into an eternal prison known as "Abyss." There he meets and is saved by Alice, the Bloody Black Rabbit, or B-Rabbit for short. Join Oz on this fantasy adventure as he unravels the mysteries behind Alice, Abyss, and the "Pandora" organization.

Our Home's Fox Deity Vol. 1 (due 11/16)

The Takagamibrothers are protected by a supernatural, yet mischievous, fox by the name of “Kugen." Together with an absent-minded shrine maiden, "Ko," their adventures full of action and comedy revolve around the many characters in this mysterious story. Fantasy settings such as with the Onmyoudoare utilized fully in the many battle scenes! Don't miss any of it! Extraordinary things happen in their ordinary lives, coupled with so many characters with so much personality.



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mudduck454 9/6/2010 4:10:53 PM

well I never like persona, but I have toradora, so I will be getting volume 2, as well as pandora hearts and our home's fox deity,



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