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NIS America Hints at August Titles

Toradora and Persona sets due

By Chris Beveridge     June 21, 2010

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Over the weekend, a pair of titles showed up on the Rosenqueen site talking about what NIS America's plans for August would be in that we'd get the follow-up premium sets to their two launch titles. Both of those placeholder listings are now disabled on the site, but based on previous solicitation information everything looks pretty solid as to what we can expect from the company come August. It's interesting to note that they're potentially planning to finish out both series just under two months from the first volume and it gives us hope that we'll see solicitations for other material come October if they adhere to a two month schedule to figure out what works and what doesn't with their launch titles. 

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Persona -Trinity Soul- Box Set 2 Premium Edition 08-24-2010 N/A $59.95 NIS America
Toradora! Box Set 2 Premium Edition 08-24-2010 N/A $59.95 NIS America


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ajsan 6/21/2010 4:18:55 PM

EXCELLENT... just pre-ordered both premium edition box sets for set 1.  I'm excited Bandai-Ent is also selling exclusive content with their Gurren Lagann limited edition movie DVDs. 



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