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NIS America Offers Replacement Program

By Chris Beveridge     July 03, 2010

© NIS America

NIS America has put up a page on their site regarding their launch releases of Toradora! and Persona. With the first sets getting into fans hands a touch early, there's been some concern over the quality of them in regards to ghosting that's visible in numerous scenes, of varying levels and dependent on the viewers sensitivity to it, and the company has decided that they'll be doing a fix and exchange in the near future to take care of this matter. As stated in their exchange program page:

"Despite our efforts, some of our fans have pointed out some issues with the video quality and after carefully reviewing and considering these issues, we agree that there is room for improvement. Because customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us, we have decided to re-master the discs and send the revised discs free of charge to those customers who would like one. Please note that there are limited quantities of the “Premium” Edition with no current plans for re-manufacturing, so they can only be purchased while quantities last. It might take a while to correct the disc issues and arrange for the replacements to be sent out, so we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter."

If you have either of these sets and find the discs to be problematic to your viewing enjoyment, make sure to get onto the list there.


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METR0lD 7/3/2010 7:54:41 AM

Not exactly getting off to a good start there NIS America. First no dubs, and now faulty disks...and all on your first effort. *slow clap*

When it comes to videogames, I love NIS America. I buy a ton of their games, and they are one of my favorite game publishers out there. But as far as anime goes? It's been nothing short of a train wreck, and I will not support them in their anime endevors until they get their act straight.


SpoilerHappy 7/4/2010 7:55:01 AM

Unfortunately dub-only is common across most companies and many releases these days, and in my opinion NIS jumped on the disc issues early and is handling it well (something I can't always say happens with the longer-established anime companies), so I'm willing to give them a break.

afoia 7/4/2010 2:32:01 PM

This is pretty annoying for importers, who paid and arm and a leg for the premium edition. Will they offer the replacement programme for people abroad... probably not.



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