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METR0lD 7/3/2010 7:54:41 AM

Not exactly getting off to a good start there NIS America. First no dubs, and now faulty disks...and all on your first effort. *slow clap*

When it comes to videogames, I love NIS America. I buy a ton of their games, and they are one of my favorite game publishers out there. But as far as anime goes? It's been nothing short of a train wreck, and I will not support them in their anime endevors until they get their act straight.


SpoilerHappy 7/4/2010 7:55:01 AM

Unfortunately dub-only is common across most companies and many releases these days, and in my opinion NIS jumped on the disc issues early and is handling it well (something I can't always say happens with the longer-established anime companies), so I'm willing to give them a break.

afoia 7/4/2010 2:32:01 PM

This is pretty annoying for importers, who paid and arm and a leg for the premium edition. Will they offer the replacement programme for people abroad... probably not.



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