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Noa Lazarus scores 'Watchmen: The Motion Comics'

    July 01, 2008

On his personal website, composer Noa Lazarus reveals that he's begun scoring the 'Watchmen' webisodes. Writes Lazarus:

Creating rad music pieces for upcoming film 'Watchmen"' This being the graphic novel that literary critics worldwide consider one of the fifty greatest works of literature in the last 100 years. My work being for the EMP posse. The new music passed the screening of director Zack and Production team, also the same team that made the film 300 whose creative project i placed 20 pieces of ancillary music for. The brief has been to be very "out of the box" and dive into the current "rock music" vibe of gen z and y artists that are kickin' it. Look for the much anticipated webisodes on this film upcoming with my composing and continuing until the film's release currently scheduled for March 09'. The first webisode will be up and showing soon.

Previously announced, 'Watchmen: The Motion Comic' is intended to be an animated primer for the complex story of the movie. It will appeara online in the run-up to the film.


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