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Civil War 6: End Game

January 05, 2007

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Due to being a review I'm not really allowed to give spoilers. But I will give snidbits of the book. On that note the first couple pages make me excited for the MU post-CW. We see Director Hill and Hank Pym discussing the 50 state initiative. By discussing I mean showing some of the super teams they "created". I found one segment to be...well odd. It seemed a bit out of character. Oddly enough it was foreshadowing. Well done Millar. Sneaky move. The story continues with sneaking into the Baxter Building. Something that was alluded to. Looking at the individuals Cap has to use to get into the building was part of the fun. So lets do that now before I go into who they discussed. Sue Storm: She lived there. Probably knows the codes to shut down the security system. Has an understanding of the computer codes. Vision: Can link into computer systems and crack them. Can decrease his mass and be "unseen". Spider-Woman: Trained SHIELD agent. Can easily sneak and spy. Who does Millar choose? Punisher. Is that a spoiler? Not really. It's a poor choice in my mind. Granted the Punisher can get out of tricky spots but really its just an excuse to use him. But Millar does address other countries finally. Black Panther shows his support and Namor...well he's being Namor. Instead of showing a side he flirts. One section I have to praise Millar is for showing Dr. Strange. I have personally been waiting the good doctor's return and we learn MORE about what he's doing and WHY he's doing well..nothing. As for the ending...totally didn't expect it. It was a reversal of #3. It leaves me hope that a great GREAT fight will occur in #7 and that you've no idea who will really win this fight. Final thoughts: #7 offers a great fight coming up but I don't think it will be completely finished. There will have to be another mini just to close the Civil War. Overall Millar created a great read but it's lacking just like #5. It feels like filler to me. But the final pages was worth it.

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