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8th Doctor Trailer

Retrospectives returns to the nineties!

By Robert T. Trate     August 19, 2013
Source: BBC

The BBC’s retrospective on Doctor Who continues on the 31st of August with the 8th Doctor. DOCTOR WHO Revisited: Eighth Doctor features the only televised adventure of PAUL McGANN as the Doctor. Though McGann would fight Eric Roberts portraying the Master, yes really, he would go one to reprise the Doctor in radio dramas. A short trip for McGann, but one the BBC is going to highlight for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who
Anyone else remembering watching this and wondering why it never continued?


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redhairs99 8/19/2013 10:53:45 AM

I've been loving all these monthly specials so far.  Wish the "retrospectives" were a tad longer, though with the 8th Doctor, that might be a stretch.  Really looking forward to the 50th anniversary special and the departure of Matt Smith, who hasn't been bad as The Doctor, but has suffered by being overshadowed by Amy Pond's storyline.

karas1 8/19/2013 11:17:35 AM

It never continued because it got abysmal ratings.  They were supposed to show it for a second time and they ended up rerunning another movie instead, one which more people would want to watch.  I do remember seeing it and thinking it was agressively mediocre.

HomestarRunner 8/19/2013 12:22:23 PM

I remember being so excited about the tv movie, but in the end, it suffered from taking it out of its British element.

Made in Canada: No thanks!
Eric Roberts as The Master: Wrong on so many levels.

I blame none of it on McGann and felt he got ripped off. He deserves more on-screen adventures. I am glad that he has done so well with the Big Finish audio dramas.

EyeofHarmony 8/19/2013 3:45:30 PM

 This TV movie was bad!!!   For those out there who thought the interpretation of Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movies was awful,  the interpretation of the Master in this movie is 5 times as awful.

SPOILER AlERT: And the idea that the Doctor's mother was from earth (an American) has thankfully been forgotten in the canon. 


BunyonSnipe 8/19/2013 4:21:50 PM

I was really hoping 8th Doctor would get a whole season to himself at some point...

alas looks like this won't be the case, he's the only Doctor whose regeneration we havn't seen...

BunyonSnipe 8/19/2013 4:24:54 PM

Yes you ARE right the the TV movie was terrible, but McGann was great in it, but he was overpowered by sooooo much CRAP!!!!!



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