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A mysterious email; a haunting melody. Professional assassin Mireille Bouquet's world is knocked askew by an unnerving contact from a young amnesiac, Yumura Kirika, whose killing skills are as deadly as Mireille's, and whose missing memory may unlock the mystery of Mireille's life as well. With their pasts inextricably linked, Mireille conditionally admits Yumura into her confidence. In uneasy partnership, the two-as NOIR-face a conspiracy that quickly calls on all of their lethal resources. It is a journey through the darkness, searching for a truth that they know will mean their deaths.

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Noir Classic Line Release Delayed Feb 25, 2011
Noir Anime Set For Starz Live Action Project Nov 12, 2010
Summer Seiyuu Draft: Noir Edition Jun 29, 2010