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gauleyboy420 2/9/2010 1:26:51 PM

I'm interested to see what Nolan could do with Supes. I think he's smart enough to realize that Superman is not batman, yet will still be able to set the fantastic elements of Superman in a real world setting, complete with super villains.


I also think this is a smart way to add consistency to the WB comic movies.

gauleyboy420 2/9/2010 1:29:09 PM

If you guys seriously think Nolan is gonna carbon copy the formula from Batman to Superman, YOU'RE STOOPID...

Like I just said He's smarter and more creative than that.

Give the guy some credit, huh...

Superman can be more realistic, without being darker. And I will be there opening night, just like the lot of you.

DarthDuck 2/9/2010 1:30:56 PM

Are you guys so critical of Nolan you honestly believe that he is a one-note director?  You think that he can't do a different style?  He can only do dark and moody?  I realize that rationality and the internet don't mix but relax!  Nolan is much more talented than you guys are giving him creidt for.

And one more vote for no more Lex!  At least not at the only big baddie, maybe a behind-the-scenes, string pulling role.  That would be ok, but Lex has had his turn.  The worst part of Superman Returns is that it wasted the talents of Kevin Spacey as the perfect actor to play that role.  Oh well.

jfdavis 2/9/2010 1:34:25 PM

As much as I love Nolan on Batman, has he ever been involved in anything that didn't have dark undertones? I can't think of anything...A dark Superman, unless you do a red kryptonite story of course, is just as wrong, if not more so, than a dark Spider-man. (BTW, why is Superman and Batman both one word but Spider-man is hyphenated and Iron Man is two seperate words?)  Batman always refers to him as "The Boy Scout" which is inconguous unless there's molestation...

 Michael Bay, Brett Ratner etc. are a bit too simplistic in their film styles for my tastes. Joel Schumacher did a horrible job with Batman but Superman may be more his speed.  Cameron or either of the Scotts may be ok given the right script as would whatever Bond director was available...  

If you reboot it completely, and even after just watching the more awesome Donner cut of II, I'm completely interested in,  really only Brainiac or perhaps Zod is an acceptable sub for Luthor in the first.  That said, I don't want Luthor in every movie...      

shac2846 2/9/2010 1:45:48 PM

I'm with Gauleyboy and DarthDuck, I think Nolan has earned the cred for people to believe that he's not a one trick pony. And he's smart enough and talented enough to know the difference between these two characters and their tones. Burton was going to direct Superman, hell him and Nic Cage even got payed for work they didn't do on the movie and nobody bitched about his dark themes.

Are you guys afraid Nolan will help steer the movie in a compelling direction with good characters and story? No matter what he does it's bound to be better than the bend over Singer did to the franchise. Plus you're all missing an important note about the article, Nolan isn't directing, he probably isn't even writing. He's just helping the production right now which is a good thing as he seems to have a handle on relaunching franchises. This is good news, I'm sticking with that until something proves me otherwise.

axia777 2/9/2010 1:49:21 PM

Nolan as the producer with Snyder as the director.  It would be Superman EPIC style. All I want is Superman and Darkseid kicking the crap out of each other.  The fight would be super awesome!

Wiseguy 2/9/2010 2:00:40 PM

shac, I don't know where you were but there was plenty of bitching about Superman in the past. Why do you think WB always pulled the plug, fan uprising. Heck I think one story was going to have Lex be Clark's brother. There was a lot of crazy shi.t going on. That's why it took them 20 years to make Singer's remake of Donner's

Anyway by this report Nolan won't be directing but the guy hasn't done anything that isn't dark or a mind fukk so the skepticism is warranted til he proves otherwise. Just like we were skeptical of Favreau for example. Superman done properly will be outside of Nolan's comfort zone so only time will tell.

axia777 2/9/2010 2:10:44 PM

The other director that could do Supes justice would be Louis Lettier.  The Hulk had just enough action and drama to make it a kick ass movie.  It the next Supes movie was as good as the Hulk I would be very happy.  I think Letttier and Nolan could work together to make some seriously awesome movie making magic.

Superman VS Darkseid FTW!

gauleyboy420 2/9/2010 2:28:10 PM


shac2846 2/9/2010 2:38:27 PM

I'm talking strictly Tim Burton in my comment. I have one of his biographies Burton on Burton and in the inteview he says both he and Nic Cage were payed their complete salaries, sets were built, some shite happened and the movie was canned before take off. I'm just saying I've been reading all the superman, action comics, archives and I've been following Geoff Johns on Supes and it makes me want a really great Superman story. I don't think the character is too old or out of date, I just don't think he's been handeled properly in the past. I hear where you're coming from with Nolan I really do, but I think this will prove his range, granted I know he's not directing but I have confidence that he knows the tone and history of the character and will take it in the right direction. I mean you seem to be really high on Thor (as am I) but Branaugh hasn't done anything to prove people he could do Thor justice but at the same time I never doubted his ability mostly because of his previous work and his talent. If it were announced Michael Bay would be directing I would be crying some incredible foul, but for me, this is good news. 

Axia those are both good picks although I doubt Snyder would do it with his schedule. You're right about Letterier and the hulk, fingers crossed, but I think they might pick someone to direct that is out of left field, like Branaugh with Thor.

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