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axia777 2/9/2010 2:40:05 PM

What I REALLY want is a REAL battle for Superman.  Somthing really epic.  Zod is over used and old hat.  Scratch that.  Doomsday is lame as he is just a huge dumb killing machine.  He was good for killing Superman and that was it. 

Who else is left that can really kick Superman in the teeth but in the end Superman can win?  Darkseid that is who.  He is a genuis like Lex Luthor but is a God in power like Superman.  He can be used to run the plot along because he has a great personality and can punch Supes in the face and then pound his head into the floor.  But Superman beat him in the comics after a massive battle on a couple of occasions from what I remember..  He is also pretty damn cool looking which would translate well on screen for a live action movie.

Darkseid FTW.

keithdaniel 2/9/2010 2:48:56 PM

I agree with many that having Nolan on board for a new Superman is great news. It's easy to say that he has done mostly dark or gritty films but those films were so entertaining and intelligently made that he should be given the benefit of any doubt. At least for now and as was said earlier,he's not directing so some of you can relax already! However,more will depend on who'll write the script,who'll direct,as well as who'll play Clark Kent/Superman.

Axia has a good idea of having three big-time villians,back to back. If I were doing it,I'd have Lex Luthor as the brains of the 1st film,with either Metallo or Bizarro or both as the muscle so to speak! The 2nd film I'd have Brainiac,with perhaps Lobo as the henchman,the 3rd I'd have Darkseid along with his adopted son Kalibak.

As I've stated a number of times before,if WB gets the right producer(assuming Nolan is the right one),the right director,the right concept,the right script,and the right cast,especially for Superman,then they'll be on track for a great Superman movie,something us fans haven't had in too long and is loooong overdue!   

kimbroo 2/9/2010 3:10:40 PM



This is exactly what Superman needs.  And I like the idea of Snyder directing while Nolan produces. 

lister 2/9/2010 3:16:27 PM

Well, I hope he doesn't screw it up like that last Harvey Dent movie, er, I mean *Batman* movie.

chrissiandkevin@yahoo.com_home 2/9/2010 3:17:42 PM

I do agree that we have to give Nolan much more credit as an artist, but WISE has a huge point. WB is not lifting Nolan up because they want an original and epic Superman that is a fan pleaser...WB is boosting Nolan morale because they want a Batman Begins repeat. The suits want the same thing lightening in a bottle to happen. Nolan could do great, but the suits are hoping to formulize their DC properties. But props to Nolan anyways:

Here is how it should go: Nolan oversees Snyder, Fleisher (Zombieland), or the Bad Ass/ Wanted crew. Or Cameron oversees the world and...

1. Supes is big muscle. origin is accomplished in 20 minutes, but depth is added as trilogy progresses

2. Lex is big, quiet, and presidentially powerful (secretly developing a science with a portal to DARSEID). no jokes and wackiness, just a somber bad ass. Lex is a handsome senator seeking election (the public loves him)

3. Lois is on Lex, reporting about the various tentacles of LEXCORP and the quantum space shiz that is going down

4. Bruce shows up at a rival Tech conference and tips off Lois

5. Lois gets lifted, Clark saves and finds Lex communicating with Darkseid... Clark also finds a shiz load of files that Lex keeps on him and Bruce etc...


Rizing 2/9/2010 3:18:58 PM

axia777 (page 1)- I agree with you. I think a trilogy ending with a battle with Darkseid will be incredible.

I'm still nursing disappointment for Superman Returns. I want them to clean up their mess. How could you do a Superman movie without John Williams' legendary score?

Plus, do we really need to see Superman's origin again? Didn't Richard Donner nail it the first time?

It's all very disappointing. These guys can't make a good Superman movie because they're caught up on the iconic status of the character. I wish they would think out the box and stop making Superman a god.

chrissiandkevin@yahoo.com_home 2/9/2010 3:23:41 PM


Clark/SUPES: HEMSWORTH would have been great, lets also go with that massive muscle vamp from twilight...young but decent chops

saiyiansreign823 2/9/2010 3:23:56 PM

 I really think that Nolan is an excellent choice to be producer or just to oversee the Superman franchise. Nolan would bring a story that would not only give Superman some sort of growth as an character, but give him a villain that would sure to be the catalyst equal to said growth. I don't see Nolan's version of Batman being realistic a bad thing. He portrayed Batman as being human with the abilities of a human that's able to endure over adversity. It worked perfectly. Imagine Superman in this version being more than human.

Superman in Nolan's realistic world, in contrast, would be excellent. When the citizens of Metropolis witness that Superman can fly, has super speed and strength, it would be an amazing feat. He's has these abilities that Batman doesn't have, he would be a beacon of light for many, while Batman is seen as his dark counterpart. The eventual meeting between them would be great, Batman would look at Superman as a boy scout, strong, and alien. Superman would look at Batman as a vigilante, human, able to calculate and solve any problem.

There is no need to explain the real world logistics of how Superman can do what he does because he is alien. I can see why Nolan had to set Batman up as an hero with gadgets. Superman is simply The Ultimate Hero with powers. Both his birth and adoptive parents showed him to be strong and to fight for truth and justice in a positive light. Batman's passage of being a hero was birth through the death of his parents. Nolan has setup the perfect contrast. As long as they stay close to the heart of the source material and light in tone, I'm all for him overlooking the franchise. 

Graebeard 2/9/2010 3:38:40 PM

  As much as I would love to see Darkseid ... you can't blow your wad on the first film. I like the three movie set up with Darkseid in the third following Brainiac ... Mongul (or is that too much like Planet Hulk?) ... Parasite ... and or Solomon Grundy. Or maybe save Darkseid as the villain in a JLA movie!

chrissiandkevin@yahoo.com_home 2/9/2010 3:45:12 PM


SUPES: Hemsworth or Lutz

Lois: Meister from Gossip girl

Lex: Karl Urban from Trek

BOOM! Called it

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