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scytheofluna 2/11/2010 2:27:10 PM

Also I think you guys are inflating the amount of creative control Nolan is likely to have.  Say what you will about his comfort zone, (sure it's dark and off putting and nobody wants to go there) the man knows how to take material seriously, and how to pour himself into getting to know characters from the ground up.  If DC/WB is going to sink millions into another attempt they're going to want to make damned sure it's a sure thing.  Nolan will likely collaborate in think tank style planning and story development.  I doubt he'll be standing over the director's shoulder giving notes or anything, but he's successfully rebooted a franchise that hadn't just died, it had been massacred, eviscerated, and stomped into the dirt.  Nolan performed brilliant surgery and Batman came back better than ever, so having him around to keep an eye on the new guy is not a bad idea.

Look, I grew up on the Donner films,and I really love those movies, but can we move on already?  Superman is way bigger than Christopher Reeve (much respect) and he's bigger than Richard Donner (you're okay too).  This character has been around for three quarters of a century.  There are all kinds of interpretations, and the best ones are the ones that push the boundaries of the character and challenge him.  Donner's stuff is evocative of the classic 30's cartoons, and the comics of the 30's and 40's.  Straight out of the dailies, and brilliant for what it is, but that's not the end all be all of Superman.  Singer's film merely tried to prolong that sense of nostalgia, and really didn't  have any soul of it's own.  Lois was terribly cast, Clark was just a Chris Reeve impersonation, and Superman just didn't seem all that powerful.  Superman is a tragic figure at his core, and that's the one thing that grounds his character in reality.   He cannot go home, but he'll never be one of us.  He cannot be everywhere at once and yet he bears the burden of mankind's expectations.  He has the power to unite the world as an empire, his empire, and yet he chooses to live and serve the world with the ideals he was taught by his adoptive parents. He tries whenever possible to work within the system (often a point of contention with Batman), knowing full well that the petty machinations of world politics and global economics and legality often stand in the way of true justice.  He's Atlas in blue tights.  Throw in unrequited love for his alter ego with Ms. Lane, and a solid villain, Luthor would be okay, but there would have to be a strongman or strongmen to give Supes the fight I kept waiting for in Superman Returns.

Nolan can work with that and with the right creative team he could steer this film in the direction it should have been traveling in a long time ago.

Look at an Alex Ross painting of Superman.  That Superman could stand toe to toe with Bale's Batman and growl right back at him.  Get me that Superman and leave that pretty boy crap to....I don't care who, somebody else.

TheMovieGuy28 2/12/2010 2:39:12 PM


Regarding Nolan and Batman.....


Last night, some friends and I were discussing Batman Villians for the sequel. We agreed the Riddler is a great idea, but you'd have to have someone amazing to play him who would have that.....feel...

It was at this moment I presented......................................................................Tom Waits.

::Pauses for the half "holy sh*t that's brilliant" and half "it'll never work" thoughts as they run through your head.:

::continues pausing as it sinks in....let it grow::


Think of his mannerisms, his gangliness, his wild gesticulations. I was told he'd be too old, in which case I busted out the Emperor Palpatine force drain defense. What if the Rid, when he's figured out how to gain knowledge, ends up being drained physically from it, a trade off of knowledge for life perhaps. You could see a younger Tom, working in his labs, experimenting with some odd synthetic memory growth syrum, and boom! Experiment goes wrong and he slowly starts to age as his mind keeps retaining information.


Plus, he's about the only way you could follow up the Joker's performance.



::Takes Bow::

tiberiuscan 2/14/2010 5:30:54 AM

I think the reason Nolan is 'overseeing' and not directing a Superman film, is that it would be too dark. A crossover is a good idea in that the basic dichotomy between Superman and Batman which has been well explored in the comics and Graphic Novels. Superman represents the 'light'. A force for good and not Vengeance, or violence. Batman is called the Dark Knight for a reason. Though his deeds result in Good his methods do not. The other issue is that yes Superman needs a powerful enemy but Lex Luthor is more grounded in reality than Braniac or DarSeid. That's why he was created. The audience can relate to Lex Luthor because he is human. And though he has no super powers he is as poweful as Superman in a more lethal way. More-so Superman will not kill. Luthor has no such restrictions. His motivation is power and money. (Don't we know a few Real Estate moguls like that)? Michael Bay and James Cameron are not good choices for directors. Yes they can Wow us with spectacle and special effect, but your going to see a Michael Bay or James Cameron movie, not a Superman movie. Where Singer failed is he made Superman Returns a Sequel and an Homage rather then a standalone film. The mediocre reviews for Spiderman 3, both Incredible Hulk films and the Fantastic Four films should send a warning out to anyone considering re-booting the Superman franchise. Don't be cheesy. Treat your film and characters with respect and don't make it about special effects or slam bang action. The audience has to relate to the characters on the screen as well as the story. Hence the success of Ironman and Batman Begins/Dark Knight.

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