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mckracken 10/24/2005 4:56:14 PM
'Strange Luck' will be in my collection!!! That show rocked! what about FOX's 87-88 'Werewolf' (now that we're getting Alien Nation finally, is this going to finally answer Chuck Connors prayers???) and if Lucas and Steven are really reviving the Indiana Jones Franchise, ABC should release 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' on DVD ***PLEASE*** instead of having us hardcore fans buy the bootlegs at Conventions or off the internet. Because you know that show KICKED MAJOR ASS for its time. you know I dont wanna beg, but shit... c'mon, its about time.
mckracken 10/25/2005 2:53:45 AM
i always figured Blade: Trinity was John Doe finished properly.
mckracken 10/26/2005 5:40:34 PM
hey Karas, IMDB claims they DID release Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth as a Special Edition DVD and its available on Amazon (but nowhere else has it). Funny that movie was so horrible all I cared about was getting the 2 disk collection of the first two...which were the best (IMO) Hellraiser 2 with Doctor Chanard in that little box of his always creeped me out. Part Three wins for absolute WORST actor, Ken Carpenter...ever with the cenobite Camerahead, not that the actor was all that bad after the hellish transformation, but as the TV crew camera operator his performance was absolutely painful to watch. -------------------- The other missing movies I've noticed are the Phantasm flicks, part 2 and 3 seems to have vanished off the face of america (both Britain and Germany have them on DVD) yet Phantasm: OblIVion managed to find a home on the american DVD shelf....strange.


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