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Now -That's- A Spicey Wolf

New Spice & Wolf, Chrono Crusade anime clips online

By Chris Beveridge     February 15, 2011

Spice and Wolf
© FUNimation

FUNimation has some new collections of shows previously released out on DVD this month and they're taking to promoting them through a series of clips. Both shows are ones that are definitely worth checking out and we're definitely enthused to help show them off a bit more as this is one spicey wolf and one spicey nun that can always use a little extra attention. Spice & Wolf has about fifteen minutes worth of clips here while Chrono Crusade has 

Spice & Wolf Story: Lawrence, a traveling merchant searching for profit, finds a naked girl with the ears and tail of a wolf asleep in his cart. Her name is Holo -- a harvest goddess with an untamed beast lurking inside who longs to return to her beloved northern home. Armed with his street smarts and her animal instincts, a simple peddler and a forgotten deity begin a journey through the wild countryside. Along their path, the riches of happiness shall be reaped, even as the bankruptcy which dwells in the human heart is exposed.


Chrono Crusade Story: In New York, 1928, the seals between Earth and Hell are breached. Hold on to your rosary as professional exorcists rage against depravity in this iconic series from the creators of Afro Samurai and Trinity Blood.

Brandishing sacred weaponry, Sister Rosette and her partner Chrono dutifully serve the Magdalene Order, a divine organization that cleans the streets of demonic filth. Their main target: Aion, an indomitable devil reining apocalyptic horrors over America. A doozy of a devil himself, Chrono's true powers can only be released at Rosette's command --draining her own life in exchange. Staring mortality straight in the face, this dynamite pair races against time to destroy Aion and restore the balance between good and evil.


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formerroadie 2/15/2011 2:22:40 PM

I will be picking up Chrono Crusade for sure.

mudduck454 2/15/2011 4:59:20 PM

you can still buy the original ADV version from rightstuf, I bought the chrono crusade holiday special edition cheaper than funi's new release,

and I wish they would start rolling out spice and wolf season 2 instead of rehashing the first season.......



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