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NuTech: Nothing Wrong With Some Animated Bump & Grind

By Curtis Tyrell     -

There's a joke about the similarities between pornography and pizza: "When it's good, it's good. When it's bad, it's still good." The power of that joke had been tested as Anime 18 and SoftCel introduced their adult titles to the market that was still young (during the early 1990's). A18 gave viewers such a shock with the "monster & tentacle" theme from Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl. While SoftCel introduced the "porn with plot" concept used in works like F3, New Angel, and Dragon Pink.

A subculture of a subculture which is the anime market, mind you. And like a mold growing within the warmth of the tight spaces of your house, the process of dubbing hentai anime starts to get used. I've been unlucky enough to listen to a dubbed episode of Urostukidoji (while I was at an anime convention in the San Francisco Bay Area); finding out that the mix between the Japanese and English language tracks was a horrible technique utilized by those guys over at A18. I praise them for their improvement over the course of their time... And I also praise SoftCel for hardly dubbing their hentai works at all.

Within the late '90s and up onto the new millennium; a few more players have entered the field: Kitty Media, NuTech Digital, and Critical Mass. And while everybody had their gimmicks and techniques (thanks in part to the advent of technology known as the DVD); NuTech manages to blow everybody away with their gimmick: The use of actual adult film actresses during English dubbing.

Now... An adult film star; those women that are now gracing the covers of magazines like "Maxim" and "Stuff For Men." For under the past 12 years I went to adult video/magazine stores so I can merely "window-shop." And the names of each porn star means nothing to me when the acts performed are the only reason for my enjoyment. I'm sure that any guy with boiling blood and a love of freedom can agree with me.

So when NuTech introduces "Pia Carrot" featuring Devon, "KoiHime" featuring Kobe Tai, "Words Worth" with Jenna Jameson... It seems that this company's target audience are the ones that enjoy big-named, hard-bodied babes. And then there's the rest of us who just want to see cartoon cuties getting it on.

As NuTech gained its popularity with their large number of releases as well as the hiring of a large number of adult film stars, complaints arose from their boldness and sloppiness of their products. And if not from the (insert favorite porn star here) fans complaining about what they're (not) doing within the show, then from those "anime elitists;" the Burger King types with their "my way, right away" attitude who are probably the reason why Manga Entertainment is so ticked off right now.

(1) "Porn stars make horrible voice-overs!" The alternative: Having the regular voice actress dub the character in question, let the original Japanese voice actress do all the moaning and screaming, the more intelligent viewer starts to notice that the two voices don't mix, said viewer starts going "What the **** was the point in that?!" With porn actresses lending their voices in the dub; the job gets completed without having to switch the audio around at the production stage. And a completed product begets a completed soul.

(2) "The faces of said porn stars, along with the visual klaxons all over the cover, are fudging up an otherwise spiffy looking box-art!" Typical "Burger King" type of thinking at work here. However, NuTech had managed to listen and henceforth stopped the plastering of porn stars onto the front covers. However, there are those of us in anime fandom land that purchase the show because of the show itself, NOT the box-art.

(3) "What's with the featured porn star gallery?! I don't wanna see real, nekkid chicks!" Well, it's just what I said: a gimmick. NuTech isn't forcing you to look through it. Besides, the company had also took the request of excluding this "special feature" from the later DVDs.

(4) "30 minutes on one DVD?! THIS SUCKS!" It's a known fact that this is the way the original companies sell it in Japan. And said show's in higher quality. I do not kid you. Go to webpages like Five Ways and Pink Pineapple. Run it through Alta-Vista's Bablefish and find out how long each of these shows have been released under.

(5) "But it STILL SUCKS because it's expensive!" It is expensive, I can agree with that. However you should do your shopping over at webpages like FiveStar DVD and Adult Anime DVD. You could probably get as close as to 30% off on a title or three.

(6) "Well, I'm sick of all the inconsistency that these guys are known for! Why can't they just set a date and stick with it?!" Because that's the reality of the situation. Nothing's gonna be perfect. At one time, Adult Anime DVD was selling a bunch of NuTech Anime DVDs before their set time.

(7) "And what's up with you?! Why are you so set on giving a good name to some company who won't even cater to the needs of us anime fans?!" Because I believe that what NuTech is doing is a good (if not great) concept; and we need more good concepts in this day and age.

(Or perhaps I'm sick of how cynical the fandom of anime had gotten. Back then the worry was about bad dubbing, anime on syndicated TV, and pronouncing the letter U in Sakura. But now it's about being told of the so-called "evils" of editing and worrying about anime fans on the web who don't even take the time to spell-check what they typed.)

In conclusion I'd like to point out a shocking discovery; the similarities between "Love Hina" and "Shusaku." Love Hina introduces a luckless nerd named Keitaro. He ends up working as an assistant manager of an all-girls dorm; surrounded by drool-worthy cuties who spend most of the time beating the living snot out of him. Meanwhile Shusaku introduces a wasted old man named Kato. He works as a custodian at an all-girls dorm; surrounded by drool-worthy cuties who end up being blackmailed, raped, humiliated, and turned into mindless sex zombies.

In a perfect world; Keitaro would be the one having sex with these drool-worthy cuties without resorting to blackmail or humiliation. Only one girl should be required to beat him up if he should be beaten up. The series about this should have as many episodes as it can for a hentai series. And along down the line it would be released to the States by NuTech. :P

This is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. Any comments and blame can be sent to me, Tyrenol.


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