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tallman 10/5/2011 4:04:50 AM

 Stop teasing the people who can't go and either show the bloody footage or don't tell us at all!

timesobserver 10/5/2011 6:12:11 AM

You just know that WB and DC are kicking themselves for not doing the Justice League of America movier sooner.

But again, sadly, they are asleep at the wheel and Marvel shows them how it's done.

Wiseguy 10/5/2011 7:03:37 AM

I hope they do like SDCC and don't show the footage outside of the con like they said. I watch every bit of video they put out but I want them to save as much as possible for the film, let the buzz build the anticipation I say

Duckbeaver 10/5/2011 7:49:59 AM

Yeah, I'm going to wait for a full-fledged trailer.  Not that I don't enjoy leaked con footage (sometimes you get to see stuff that doesn't make it into the final film which is always cool), but I have a feeling that The Avengers is going to be one of those movie-viewing experiences that I'm going to try and make it to a screening with a minimal amount of spoilers.

reek 10/5/2011 9:47:18 AM

For those of you old enough to recall the release of Tim Burton's first Batman, it seemed like the hype and attention that movie received in the few months before release were impossible to live up to.  Batman was a good movie but I know a lot of non-genre fans felt disappointed regardless.  Let's hope history does not repeat with Avengers because it is going to be the most hyped movie since Burton's Batman.



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