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EvilMonkey 4/24/2008 3:46:12 AM
OK that has won me over, time to get a next gen console. What do the masses here say ? XBox 360 or a Playstation 3 ? Also it looks like it's the Abomination or at least not an armor wearer. It looks like the figure is wearing shorts or tattered pants of some kind.
SaintDemon 4/24/2008 11:50:54 AM
I suggest a xbox 360 for the multitude of games, a great online feature, and its not to expensive, plus the arcade. PS3 costs a lot, very few and not very many good games, but it does have a blue ray.
hanso 4/24/2008 5:47:58 PM
Dude, get a PS3 and join the HD movie watching with the built in blu ray. you can keep getting profile updates for your blu ray player. it's sweet. you got pay to be able to play online with Xbox, it's free with PS3. The Xbox live is better, today, but the PS3 just updated their PlaystationNetwork and have a lot stuff coming up during this year to rival Xbox. Xbox has more games, cause it's been out longer but the PS3 has the better titles coming out this year. If you are into First person shooters then stick with Xbox, if not, get the PS3. OH and the Xbox has been known to break down, "rings of death", you don't want to waste money, trust me, I've bought 2 xboxs. PS3 has given me 0 problems. If you are into more casual stuff go with the Wii though. Their online is als free but the graphics aren't what PS and Xbox can do, plus it's not HD.
joeybaloney 4/25/2008 2:37:51 PM
Totally the Abomination. Put the right ears on that sucka & there’s no doubt. Image 3 is definitely game play. This looks very good. >enter< My brother’s 360 is amazing… when it works. He’s on his third box now in maybe two years. He is very happy he got the store warranty. But it is a gorgeous system. He’s got the whole Hi-Def Fat Screen going and the clarity in some games is jaw dropping. It’s a lot easier to keep track of your friends online but I hate the way games are picked. Cheaper. Not to say cheap, mind you. >enter< Never seen the PS3 in action. Interesting point about 3rd person system Vs 1st. I completely agree that was the case with the PS2 Vs X-box. I liked how you chose your games online a lot better on the PS2.
MutantNinjaLoungeSingr 4/27/2008 10:18:46 PM
EvilMonkey: I posed myself the same question a few months back. Since it's such a hefty amount of $$$ to spend, I did my research, and have been very happy with my purchase of an x-box 360. I also have a Wii. While innovative in control, the biggest complaint I have about the Wii is the immense amount of shovel-ware available on it. Unless it's made by Nintendo, odds are it's a really crap game. I've had absolutely no problems with my 360, and it's been play it daily for the past 5 months I've had it. It all depends upon when you purchased it. Prior to around November 2007, there were a few problems associated with over-heating which caused the red ring of death. Since then, the architecture has changed quite a bit, and from my understanding has removed or greatly reduced the problem. Regardless, Microsoft has extended a 3-year warantee (which is almost the span of a console's lifecycle anyway) to replace any red-ring mishaps free of charge, no questions asked. My brother bought one of the 360's purchased near launch, and it lasted nearly a year before he got the red ring, and Microsoft not only took it back without a struggle, they extended his x-box live subscription and gave him some free credits for his trouble. On the other hand, I've heard stories of Sony fighting customers every step of the way when attempting to obtain warantee repair. One story I heard was that they refused to fix a blu-ray because there was "2 years worth of dust in it", which seems a little odd considering the system hadn't been out that long. Sony products, especially their disc drives, at least in my experience and those of some peers of mine, are prone to failure after a year or so of use. I've personally known 3 people where this has certainyl been true for DVD-players they purchased, and if I recall, this was a pretty big issue with first-generation PS2's... PS3's biggest selling point, the blu-ray drive, would be a bigger point (at least to me) if Sony themselves didn't produce it. Of course, 360, PS3 or Wii... all will have issues if you don't care for them. None of them have a whole lot of hardware devoted to cooling, and all do a fair amount of processing. So, treat your expensive purchase like ya want it to stick around and give it plenty of room to breathe. As far as the cost of the x-box network, it's merely $50 a year, and the starter kit includes a webcam (should you want to share your mug online), another headset, 2 free games, and 20 credits. There really is no comparison for the amount of available online content between the two systems, but then, the 360 has been out a lot longer. Or, you get what you pay for, which at this point is a second-life clone, and a couple of Rockband tracks. Here's a pretty objective review of 360 vs. PS3. It doesn't point one way or the other but does allow you to weigh what you feel is important against the other's strengths and weaknesses. It helped me decide to get a 360 as much as it may help someone else decide to get a PS3...
Abomination 2/25/2009 1:42:17 PM

OMG this game ruuulesss!! i got it for PS2 i won all of it but after some time new missions will show up... and i love the thing that you can be a Abomination in this game.

The best part of this game was when you fight abomination... so come on guys we all know abomination is the best havent you watched the film and played the game?



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