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Dazzler 4/23/2008 4:31:47 AM
What I hate about these games is the replay value. Once you go through once there really is no reason to go back. Whatever happened to high score games? I would like that with state of the art tech. The only thing close to replay value to me is Star Wars battleground games.
troopershades 4/23/2008 6:10:40 AM
if its a sandbox style game, like gta4 and what not, it could prove to have some replay. but yeah unless there is a good multiplayer component to games, once the solo part is done, there is usually little to do. I just saw some teaser for it and it could be interesting, have to wait and see if there is a demo or something for it. Spiderman 2 was alot of fun but 3 was ass.


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