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DKnight0212 7/2/2010 10:47:23 AM

What do I think? Well considering the fact that they just ran through any name they could find, spewing rumor after rumor at us, until the just pick some guy( just like I said they would) I don't know what to think . And since their not even gonna stick to the " we're taking him back to high school" bit they told us in the beginning, I really don't know what to think. Now since it took so long just to find him, I wonder if they'll take that long to find the other cast members. I'm betting not. 

krathwardroid 7/2/2010 10:57:44 AM

It's actually a relief to know they might skip the whole origin story again. Just let him be Spider-Man. The guy certainly has the look. Good casting choice.

SarcasticCaveman 7/2/2010 11:31:46 AM

Wait, did "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" already come out?!  GOD, central Indiana BLOWS!!  Nobody gets any of the obscure stuff I want to see.

axia777 7/2/2010 12:20:42 PM

So much for the high school years.  He is a great actor and all, but he does not fit the bill for the high school Peter Parker at ALL.  >:(  How LAME is that?  What ever.  Like I said before and will say again and again.  Spider-Pig will suck Spider-Balls until Marvel gets the RIGHTS BACK FROM SONY.

axia777 7/2/2010 12:27:46 PM

If they skip the Origin Story and go on from there that will be better!  Just do the Kraven the Hunter VS The Lizard VS Spider-Man Rumble Royale and it will be a goodie!  Hopefully.  It will most likly still suck Spider-Balls though.

violator14 7/2/2010 2:37:14 PM

i say just jump right into a Venom/Carnage story!  Just hit us with it right away i say.

Wyldstaar 7/2/2010 2:55:38 PM

While I certainly would have prefered a younger actor, the fact that they've cast someone who's 27 in the role doesn't necessarily mean they're not going the High School route.  Tom Welling was 25 in the first season of Smallville.  Sure, he looked nothing like a HS freshman, but that didn't stop the studio from casting him for the part.

TayDor 7/2/2010 3:39:48 PM

Ugh..keep the whole Venom/Carnage crap out of the movies.  That stuff was lame.

muchdrama1 7/2/2010 5:59:04 PM

I'm not sure what everyone's complaining about--he looks like a high-schooler.

My curiosity is piqued.

axia777 7/2/2010 6:21:07 PM

 Ya, he looks like a 3rd year senior.  ROFL!

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