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Olsen Circles OLD BOY

Elizabeth Olson has eyes on Old Boy role.

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 29, 2012
Source: Twitch

Mandate Pictures and director Spike Lee may have found their female lead for Old Boy (formerly Oldboy) the upcoming adaptation of the manga series created by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi. Twitch is reporting that Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House) has entered discussions for the role and would be starring opposite Josh Brolin, who has been set to play the character of Joe. Spike Lee will be remaking Park Chan-wook's 2003 film, based from a screenplay by Mark Protosevich. Production is expected to begin shortly.

Plot Concept: The story centers on a man named Joe (Brolinl) who is captured and imprisoned in a hotel room for over two decades (15 years in the original) with no understanding as to why. When he is suddenly released, he's told that he has just four days to determine the reason for his imprisonment.



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Sanity 2/29/2012 9:04:13 AM

Eh...the original movie is good enough even with subtitles that I just can't get excited about a remake.  And really...I can just see crowds of idiots protesting unless they fundamentally change the story.

Wiseguy 2/29/2012 10:13:37 AM

Who knew the younger sister of the Olsen twins would be the one to turn out to be a good actor.

Not as big a fan of Oldboy as some but the movie is sick and would probably go see the remake

Whiskeymovie 2/29/2012 12:58:16 PM

If they keep the original ending, it is probably going to caue a poop storm amongst those funny uber religious types....

creamygnome 2/29/2012 1:18:21 PM

I really like Oldboy.  I don't think there is even a 1% chance the 'big reveal' would be kept the same for the remake.  However they changed it would make the dude's revenge less impressive/severe so I don't think it would be as interesting.

tiredjay 2/29/2012 1:21:40 PM

They're going back to the original manga for the movie, not the movie adaptation.  The ending was changed for the Korean adaptation.

doublerdiner 2/29/2012 5:01:13 PM

Spielberg and Will Smith were once interested in doing this...That could have been...Weird.

violator14 2/29/2012 5:04:31 PM

Ya the original is very bad ass, but I'd be down to see an american remake. Especially if it's as good as the "Departed" remake of "Infernal Affairs".

Tiredjay- I heard the manga version pretty much has the same ending as the movie, but that there was an extra motive or something??

InnerSanctum 2/29/2012 5:19:21 PM

 The remake that doesn't need to be made.  Period.  If you can't read subtitles and appreciate the film without American actors, you should stick to Farley brothers movies.  

aegrant 2/29/2012 5:28:55 PM

I liked the original very much but I stil trip over how soon Hollywoods likes to remake movies. This, Internal Affairs and "let the right one in" are prime examples

lracors 2/29/2012 8:50:12 PM

I realize that this is going back to the original manga but that ending was widely panned as being too unrealistic.

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