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Omamori Himari Faces Removal

Limited run on Crunchyroll now official

By Chris Beveridge     March 07, 2010

Omamori Himari
© Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll main page for their 2010 Winter series Omamori Himari now has a new message on it that may be a surprise for fans. "All videos will be removed by Kadokawa thirty days after the release of the final episode." It appears that Kadokawa is employing a recent new plan for shows the license out to streaming in that their windows for viewing on sites like Crunchyroll and their YouTube channel are not forever (only torrents are forever, apparently). It was recently discovered that the show Sora no Otoshimono was pulled from Crunchyroll though no notice was given about it. This ties in with how new episodes of Fairy Tail are only available for that period of time as well, which is why we haven't gone back to the beginning to review it or tried to catch new episodes. With this happening to several Kadokawa shows, it points to an overall plan rather than the idea that a show may be licensed by someone. 

While we believe that limited runs are a good thing overall as it encourages people to watch the shows in a timely fashion, a thirty day window is definitely short and both Kadokawa and its partners (Crunchyroll and others) should make due diligence in informing fans of when these windows will operate so as to not surprise potential viewers later on when they go back to catch up on something or investigate it based on a recommendation from a friend. It's not expected for a partner like Crunchyroll to have a lifetime or DVD style lock on a show for seven years or something, but having a new winter season show disappear so soon after its final episode may drive people to avoid Kadokawa shows in the future if they aren't able to keep up on it.


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METR0lD 3/7/2010 2:57:52 PM

I've never been big on watching anime on the internet. It's just not an ideal viewing environment in my opinion. I'd much rather watch it on BluRay or DVD in my entertainment room on my HDTV with surround sound.

u_nick 3/7/2010 3:04:50 PM

Streams help me out with a few shows, but I still largely prefer downloading and the buying DVD/BD releases. Enjoying the heck out of Omamari Himori right now. As long as I have at least one outlet to get my hands on it, I'm happy.

Hectotane 3/8/2010 8:20:11 AM

A while ago, Mr. Kadokawa talked about "profitability" and the need for his company to make money whenever someone uses their anime on YouTube or a deal with Crunchyroll gets made.

Then I look at the list of movies playing in the West and how much money they make.  Hayao's "Ponyo off the Cliff" and live-action Dragonball.  I don't hear anything made by Kadokawa.  :P

Oh, and their plan to go viral?  The two comedy shows that had "anime girl body pillows" and some weaboo on "American Idol?"  They should try something a lot less sick and humiliating than that.

Here's an idea I have:  Have someone in a movie / show / music video dress up as some anime character.  I'm not talking about "Kirsten Dunst."  I'm talking someone believable and attractive; dressing up as some believable and attractive anime character.

Like Sarah Bullock as Higurashi's Rena Ryuugu.  Or Will Smith as Fate's Archer.  Hmmm...  Megan Fox and Shia LeBouf...  Respectively as Mai Hime's Akane and Kazuya...  If only that "happy couple" can get that type of realization...  :)...



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