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Once Upon A Time: An Apple as Red as Blood

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  • TV Series: Once Upon A Time
  • Episode: An Apple as Red as Blood
  • Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla, Jared Gilmore, Joshua Dallas, Eion Bailey, Robert Carlyle
  • Written By: Jane Espenson, David H. Goodman
  • Directed By: Milan Cheylov
  • Network: ABC
  • Series:

Once Upon A Time: An Apple as Red as Blood

The penultimate episode

By Kurt Anthony Krug     May 08, 2012
Source: Mania.com

Henry (Jared Gilmore) manages to convince Emma (Jennifer Morrison) to return to Storybrooke after she kidnapped him at the end of the last episode. However, he does not convince her about the curse, failing in that attempt just like August (Eion Bailey) did. 

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) stops at nothing to save her Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) from the clutches of her wicked stepmother, Regina, alias the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla). Joining her on her quest are the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory) and her granny (Beverley Elliott). One thing the editors and writers have to be more aware of: when these characters are in their fairy tale incarnations, their dialogue is way too modern. They should be speaking in the pseudo-Shakespearean vernacular as seen in last year’s Thor and not contemporary 21st century American slang.

Snow and Regina call a temporary truce – or a parlay – where Snow learns after betraying Regina’s confidence at a young age in a prior episode that Regina’s lover Daniel (guest star Noah Bean, Damages) didn’t run away, but was killed by Regina’s mother (guest star Barbara Hershey, Beaches). 

At that point, Regina offers Snow the poisoned apple. If she eats it, she’ll release James. If she doesn’t, she’ll kill James. Feeling there’s no choice in the matter, Snow eats it and falls into that magical slumber. This makes sense because viewers no doubt wondered how Regina would trick her into eating the apple. Here we learn that she doesn’t trick her, but coerces her. Moreover, she also doesn’t release James, which is as surprising as the sun rising in the east.

In the “real world,” Regina notices the curse is beginning to weaken. Her apples turning black is a big telltale sign. To reinforce the curse, she uses the only remaining bit of magic to do so, recruiting the Mad Hatter (guest Sebastian Stan, who was Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger), who also is one of the few who retains his memories of the Enchanted Forest since his mind is so demented. Regina manages to pluck Snow’s poisoned apple from space and time with the intention of using it on Emma. 

After getting called out by Mary Margaret (also Goodwin) on her actions, Emma decides it’s best to leave Storybrooke for the sake of Henry’s mental health; she cannot keep using him as a pawn in her battle against Regina. She informs Regina of this, who agrees with her and – as a “peace offering” – gives her an apple turnover.

Naturally, Emma and Henry argue over this decision. In the very last instant, Emma starts believing in the curse when Henry eats the apple turnover and falls into a magical deep sleep like Snow did earlier. If she doesn’t believe in the curse now, she’s an idiot, but something tells me otherwise. How many can’t wait for the finale next week? 


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Graebeard 5/8/2012 9:00:44 AM

*Raising my hand* I can't wait!

This series has been a pleasant surprise ... enjoyable inspoite of some of the inconsistencies. The dialog does indeed seeem too modern in the flashbacks. And I'm not totally happy they chose to use the disneyfied versions of the dwarves. Although having a Grumpy and a Doc does work into the back story. These are petty complaints compared to the warped and twisted takes on Mr.Gold and the Mad Hatter!

Can't wait for the finale! 

millean 5/8/2012 11:25:22 AM

Saw Henry eatting the apple (turnover) from a mile away as I'm sure many of you did.  I'm sure Emma will use true love somehow to snap him out of it, but I admit it would be kind of nice if they left that to Regina in some way/shape/form.  I think Henry will not be out of action too long, but it could be after another episode or two.

I will be interested in seeing how they wrap up the season finale, as I am confident they will continue on to a second season.  I hope they do something big and turn everything on it's side for next season, but I suspect that things will be pretty much the status quo next go round.

On that note, has it been announced that it is coming back for another season?  I think I've heard that it has been doing rather well, so I would be surprised if it is not.

I'm sure we'll be seeing Rumplestilskin's son at some point in the future.  Will be curious to see how/when they bring him into the picture.

Finally, it sure was good to see the Blue Fariy again.  She's becoming my favorite character!  :)


millean 5/8/2012 11:28:32 AM

Oh, and I'm not so sure that Emma believes quite yet.  My DVR cut off, so I missed the last several seconds, but I could see how Emma would think that Regina is just a bee-otch out to get her, and Henry got caught up in the crossfire.  I wouldn't call her an idiot for not believing in the curse, but would call her one if she doesn't open up a can on Regina next episode.

hanso 5/8/2012 1:49:16 PM

 An A?  WTF?  

Mil, I red they were going all out for the finale.  And shit has got to change for next season, I can't take another "make Emma believe" season.   Btw, the show will be back next season, doing too good not to.

I also would like to see new villains to show up in Storybrooke.  There has to be crime in that town right?  Can we get some Scar, Jaffar, Hook, Hades or something?  Can't be Regina all the time.


Blue Fairy FTW!


InnerSanctum 5/9/2012 11:10:56 AM

 I have to disagree.  This episode barely got a B - in my opinion.  There were simply just too many hokey moments.  Snow saving Charming was laughable with Granny, Red and the dwarves in tow.  I really don't know where they are going to go with this series.  It seems like they could wrap it all up in two episodes.  

karas1 5/11/2012 7:18:38 AM

They could wrap up the plot in two episodes.  But  the plot really isn't  the point.  It's the characters and the way they interplay with eachother.

That was the problem with Lost.  It was ABOUT the characters but there was so much plot and mystery and intrigue that everybody thought it was about the plot.  Then at the end, there was too much plot and too many contradicting details to make a cohesive narative.  It fell apart and they waved a magic wand at it and said it was the afterlife so anything goes.  Those of us who were interested in the plot details and how they fit together were very disappointed with the results.

They're not making the same mistake with this show.  The plot is a lot more pared down and since it is based on fairy tales which everybody knows they don't have to spend so much time on it.



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