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McFarlane Toys stirs up an anime-azing new line

By Andrew Kardon     June 02, 2002

There's a new war on toy shelves. No, we're not talking about the epic SPIDER-MAN MOVIE versus ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Those guys are last week's fight. We're talking about a new ancient battle. It involves demonic armies, pillaging hordes and lots of really sharp pointy things. So yeah, McFarlane Toys just has to be involved.

Revealed at this year's recent E3 show in Los Angeles, McFarlane Toys showed off a preview of its ONIMUSHA 2: SAMURAI'S DESTINY action figures at the Capcom booth. The new figures are based on the upcoming sequel to ONIMUSHA, one of the PS2's best-selling video games of all time. Look for both the game and the figures to hit stores this August.


In the new game, it's 10 years after that crazy lone swordsman Samanosuke rose up against that insane army of demon warriors. Now, Nobunaga's villainous campaign lives on and continues to spread evil and wreak havoc all over feudal Japan. Sounds like it's time for a new hero. Enter one young warrior named Jubei, who returns to his formerly cheery village, now completely destroyed. Thus start's Jubei's epic quest for vengeance, which involves plenty of demons, monstrous bosses, crazy puzzles and yet more of Nobunaga's pillaging hordes.

But we're not here to talk about the sure-to-be-a-mega-hit video game. We're here to practice our Japanese (domo arigato) and take a peek at McFarlane's 3-D interpretations of the game's main characters. So put down your chopsticks and shout sayonara to your wussy action figures:


Like we said, Jubei here is the main character in the game. He's THE guy. And he just happens to be a legendary Samurai warrior. Like you couldn't tell. Just check out all the crazy colors and patterns on his armor. And with that outstretched hand, he's just begging to cut your heart out and stuff it down your throat.


Martha Stewart eat your heart out! This chick slices and dices like nobody's business. A beautiful and mysterious sword specialist, Oyu (who's clearly from Odani), looks like she could not only carve her initials in your lower intestine, but could kick your sorry butt all the way back to feudal Japan itself with those mega boots of hers.

Even though this young fighter doesn't have any big swords, you can tell he's nuthin' but trouble. No, it's not because he's an expert with those two battle knives he wields in his hands. Nor is it the crazy body armor and loose clothing he's wearing. The clincher? Yeah, it's all about the doorag around his head.


No, he's not a football player, despite the crazy helmet he's wearing. Magoichi here is actually a scientist. And like any good scientist in an ass-kicking PS2 video game, he's pretty damn handy with a sword and gun.


It's so obvious this guy's the bad guy. Between the moustache and the red-and-black armor, there's just no mistaking it. Anyway, Nobunaga here is the game's evil villain who just happens to control a vast legion of demons.

Now this guy is either really brave or downright colorblind. Whatever the case, his interesting face paint is quite the head-turner. This mysterious armored swordsman with a cape will no doubt cause all sorts of headaches for our pal Jubei.

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