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An Open Letter To George Lucas Concerning Indiana Jones

7/29/2008 11:43:24 AM permalink

Dear Mr. Lucas:

First, as you are most likely aware of, I am a fan. I thank you for the advances you've pushed through for both the home theater and the theatrical setup. You've helped to streamline and increase the wonders of filmmaking. And, it is for those reasons, you are one of my heroes.

I, much like you, have an appreciation for the latest technology, the greatest gadgets, and the magic of things that light up and make a slight humming sound when they're in operation.

I, also much like you, have a vested interest in filmmaking. You have your stories to tell, I have mine. But I am also a fan, and have a serious interest in the direction your stories could go.

I like "Star Wars," and I worship "Indiana Jones." "Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls" was awesome, but as nothing is truly perfect, I feel I must add my voice to the detractors.

You want to make a new "Indiana Jones," and hey that's great. But you also have to please Mr. Spielberg, and Mr. Ford as well. Hollywood is about compromise and, well, I can't help but say the compromises you made most likely saved Indy 4 from being a laughingstock.

And now a plot is being mined for, and Steven wants to do it in the similar veins of the ones of the past, while you are wanting to push it forward.

One of the hallmarks of Indy isn't the future, it's the past. And some realism that blends into fantasy without becoming a parody.

I've enjoyed the topics of mystery, such as the holy grail (which I seriously doubt exist), the crystal skulls (which I know do exist but seriously doubt they're actual skulls), and other esoteric and mystical artifacts and happenings.

You've covered the Holy Grail, the crystal skulls, the Ark, the Nazca lines, and so on. But you're also in danger of becoming the parody of yourself which I mentioned.

One could suggest Indy go looking for Atlantis in future installments, but I'd really hate for that to happen. Yes, it is true people right now are searching for the lost continent, and I hope they find it, but Indy looking for it would be on the edge of ridiculous.

Stonehenge would be another candidate, but again it would easily fall into the realm of silliness. (Best leave that to Monty Python.)

But there is a topic you could grab onto: Shambhala (or as it's more popularly known) Shangri-La.

Now THIS would get Indy back to where he should be. It is a wonderful mystery that would be very well suited to Dr. Jones' adventures.

Think about it, George.

We'll be waiting.

Sincerely, Me :)

PS - Leave the aliens to Chris Carter.

PPS - Spread the word Maniacs, maybe we can get our hero back to the adventurer he should be.

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