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Mood Indigo Official English Trailer #3

Visually Stunning

By Robert T. Trate     April 25, 2013
Source: MovieClips/ Trailers

This might not seem like the typical “Mania” movie, however we still suggest checking out the trailer for Mood Indigo. We know that they are numerous fans of Terry Gilliam in our community and after watching this trailer, Mood Indigo, has that Gilliam appeal. 

The Plot: A woman suffers from an unusual illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs.

The film features Audrey Tautou (DaVinci Code), Roman Duris (Hearbreaker), Omar Sy (X-Men Days of Future Past) and is directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).


Mood Indigo is currently out in Europe. No US release date has been set.  


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dojen1 4/25/2013 1:24:37 PM

Michel Gondry also directed the crap-fest we call "The Green Hornet".

RobertTrate 4/25/2013 2:41:02 PM

 Yikes, Dojen1



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