Vertigo joins Arrow -

Vertigo joins Arrow

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Vertigo joins Arrow

Classic DC Villain to appear ont he show

By Robert T. Trate     November 14, 2012
Source: TV


TV has an exclusive report that Fringe star Seth Gabel will join the ranks of villains appearing on Arrow. Gabel will play Vertigo yet, Gabel’s Vertigo will not be an exact interpretation of the original DC Comics character.  This Vertigo is reported to be more in the vein of a Christopher Nolan Universe type villain. 
A source on Arrow describes “non-Vertigo” as “Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”
This news comes only week after Farscape alumni Ben Browder will join the cast as Ted Gaynor.
Despite the character being only based on Vertigo, I have to ask who is Vertigo anyway?
According to Wikipedia (Sorry, the DC site is terrible with finding information): Count Vertigo first appeared in Star City, where he attempted to steal back the jewels his parents had sold when they escaped to England after the war. The victim of a hereditary inner ear defect that affected his balance, Vertigo had a small electronic device implanted in his right temple that compensated this problem. Tinkering with the device, Vertigo learned he was able to affect other people’s balance as well, distorting their perceptions so that they literally couldn’t tell up from down, an effect known as vertigo. Donning a costume and taking the name "Count Vertigo", he embarked on a life of crime. This would bring him in conflict with the heroes Green Arrow and Black Canary.

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