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monkeyfoot 2/18/2009 6:49:58 AM

Nice article! It was a fun take on a big event similar to the the Cracked.com pieces that are sometimes put on this site but without that biting sniping cynicism that I dislike in those same writings.

You forgot to mention Batman and how even if invited to host he would only be hiding in the shadows. And although Logan has the bad boy image his his Sexiest Man Alive alter ego will no doubt have him dancing and crooning showtunes before the night is over.


AMiSHPiRATE 2/18/2009 7:38:45 AM

 When has Superman been known for being witty?  And where's Tony Stark?  I know he's a douche-bag and all, but the guy can wear a tux and has charm.

Wiseguy 2/18/2009 8:38:51 AM

Like I said before I don't watch the Oscars. Why waste 3 good hours when I can I can 5 min. recap with all I need to know and all the funny moments that may have been must watch.

But if Emma Frost ever hosted the show then I'd make an exception. A couple of mind tricks  on the audience and it could be really pleasurable and messy.

ChadDerdowski 2/18/2009 9:13:36 AM

I've heard Superman crack a joke or two, AMiSHPiRATE.  Remember that whole pink underwear situation in the first movie?

AMiSHPiRATE 2/18/2009 10:23:54 AM

 I didn't say he hasn't had the occasional joke, but witty?  Spiderman, Batman Beyond, Tony Stark, Flash, and most JL members from the Giffen/DeMatteis era are all witty.  Superman (and to the same extent Captain America) are boy scouts, not jesters.  All the same, pink underwear jokes are always funny ;)

ChadDerdowski 2/19/2009 6:18:30 AM

I suppose you have a point, AMiSHPiRATE.  Sense of humor is one thing, wit another... but we can all agree that pink underwear are great.



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