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SarcasticCaveman 8/9/2010 11:33:28 AM

And to chime in on "The Expendables", do I think it really looks like a good movie?  No.  Am I going to see it anyway?  Yes.  Why?  Because even though most of these guys can't act (with the exceptions of Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham), I can definitely see it becoming one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.  That, and it's not really putting on any airs about itself, using words like "mangasm" in the newest trailers...lol.  Although, you'd think they'd at least have given Chuck Norris and his 3 fists a cameo in there somewhere.

Chuck Norris doesn't shave.  He just kicks himself in the face.  The only thing that can cut Chuck Norris IS Chuck Norris.

EagleManiac 8/9/2010 11:51:42 AM

DarkKnight2280....it's just that with me, Action Movies have gone too far over-the-top with the silly action sequences. What made Die Hard so bad ass, and still is, was that the action seemed plausible for an ordinary "cop" doing his duty. Today it's all about just how outlandish the action can get for the sake of putting as much onscreen as possible. It gets old, and just too silly. My reasons for not wanting to see it are just that, my reasons. I happen to like all kinds of movies, including action films, but todays movie market has gotten horrible and I just can't stand most of what is out or had come out lately!

Inception, now that is a great movie. A rare treat in todays market!



ponyboy76 8/9/2010 1:54:05 PM

HAHAHAHA "action seemed plausible for an ordinary "cop" doing his duty"

I'm sorry but that was hilarious. EagleManiac , you need to watch Die Hard again. There are a few plausible scenes in there but for the most part, the action is over the top. I know a lot of cops and they are brave as all hell but there is no freakin way they'd tie themselves to a waterhose and jump off an exploding building and survive. Don't get me wrong, I loved that they had Willis legitimately get his ass kicked through the whole movie until he was a bloddy mess at the end, but even that was over the top.

Yes, action sequences have been made bigger and bigger because the audience has seen everything before. It doesn't take anything away from the movie for me, if they are done well. Its called suspension of disbeliel. If i wanted reality all the time, I'd turn on CNN.

nikkilove123 8/9/2010 2:23:45 PM

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animefanjared 8/9/2010 2:51:26 PM

I think Scott Pilgrim will beat The Expendables in weekend box office, since Pilgrim appeals to a younger crowd who are more likely to rush out and see a movie on opening weekend.  But I think Michael Cera is wearing out his welcome with the same old schtick over and over, and the style of the movie seems so off the wall that I don't think a mass audience will flock to it.  The Expendables will do decent business, but its stars appeal to older moviegoers who don't necessarily rush out and see things right away.  If either one breaks $30 million I will be impressed.

I for one am thrilled that Inception has done so well this summer.  It goes to show that audiences do appreciate a smartly made, well crafted movie, no matter what time of year.  Same thing with Toy Story 3.  I'm also glad that so many of the sequels, reboots, and remakes of old properties have underperformed this summer, because maybe it will encourage Hollywood to pursue some NEW IDEAS!  Or at least make the reboots and sequels good rather than relying on brand names to sell tickets.

SarcasticCaveman 8/9/2010 2:59:33 PM

I have to disagree, jared.  I totally think that Scott Pilgrim will be a better film all the way around, but I really don't see it beating out The Expendables.  Scott Pilgrim definitely appeals to a younger crowd, but it's going to appeal to a fraction of the younger crowd.  Action has a way of beating quirky every time.

EagleManiac 8/9/2010 3:04:47 PM

Ponyboy, I meant "plausible" compared to what is done today. Of course action films are over-the-top, hense why they are an "action film!". But Die Hard(which I know very well), is almost timid compred to the crap we see today. And the fact that Bruce Willis pulled it off so well didn't hurt either. So many "action heroes" seem almost Super Human in their abilities, and John McClain, as you pointed out, got his ass seriously kicked throughout and showed a more human side. Sure, Die Hard had it's over-the-top moments, but as I said, compred to what is done now-a-days, it is almost tame in comparison. And I'm not talking "reality", just a little more REAL without being silly, like what we see today. Hell, Jason Bourne could whip Bond's ass, but even some of the Bourne Trilogy's action sequences border on ridiculousness, and they are some of the better action flicks that have come out lately.

Jetro 8/9/2010 3:13:48 PM

I expect Expendables to bring in the same amount as the last Rambo movie despite all the big names.  For starters, it's an R rated movie which eliminates the kids.  The mindless killing the movie will have will likely turn off the older crowd (think grandparents) which leaves folks between the ages of 18 to say 50...  Now, cut it in half because most women won't want to see this movie, despite all the "beefcakes"...    Split it again because of the poor economy as folks that do use going to the theatre as a treat probably would want to see something that's worth spending 10 bucks per person you're dragging with you as opposed to just throwing your money away. 

Not saying this won't be a fun movie but gotta realize there's a difference between it's a good movie, well worth the rental to it's an epic movie that you gotta see on the big screen just for the sake of seeing it on the big screen...

Scott Pilgrim vs the World, while I'm hoping itll do well but like someone said in these forums, i expect similar figures to Kick Ass..

ponyboy76 8/9/2010 7:17:06 PM

I actually can't wit to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Wright is a really good director and despite what some say on here, I like Micheal Cera.. Some people keep talking about him playing the same sort of character in every movie he's in, but  when Tom Hanks did comedy, he was the same guy and so was John Candy, and host of other comedic style actors. You may not like his schtick but a lot of people do.

dragonrojo38 8/10/2010 7:00:01 AM

Ponyboy, join the nerds, geeks, and dorks club!

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