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SarcasticCaveman 6/25/2013 11:18:13 AM

 I think this movie is going to be awful AND great...much like "Starship Troopers"...I predict a decent story, but the sheer awesomeness of the special effects and action will make everybody forget about the 3rd rate acting that may well come from a bunch of no names in this movie.  I can't wait.

Muenster 6/25/2013 11:45:49 AM

I'll be going to see this movie about giant robots and monsters!!! BUT, there's some really bad acting going on this movie. So much so, the film may end up being horrifyingly goofy. Maybe it's a language issue, but Del Toro does not seem to know how to direct the dialogue of his actors. He has no problems what-so-ever with the physicality, and actors interface with his always beautiful and sumptuous visuals... But, gee whiz, He needs to find an assistant director that can work him to fill in the acting gap. Del Toro would be a master of directing high production ballet. Uh... Provided he lost about 100 lbs and knew how to dance.

momitchell7 6/25/2013 11:51:37 AM

I completely agree with you about that, muenster. That's the ONLY reservation I have about this movie - I'm never completely satisfied with Del Toro's films, as there always seems to be a missing element and I think you hit the nail square on the head.

elrushbo 6/25/2013 12:26:40 PM

I don't get it. All the military weapons in the world don't work but punching monsters will??

aegrant 6/25/2013 12:40:03 PM

 Do i think this movie will be a blockbuster a la Iron Man or MOS or even Monster U... no!

But will it be a fanboy favorite... yes! And I will be in line opening weekend to see this. They had me at Mechs using tanker ships as baseball bats. Hells yeah beyatches!!!

domino2008 6/25/2013 2:09:20 PM

Some indie directors are awesome with small budgets , but when they get too much money they wane . Other than de Toro at the helm , this movie looks like a cross between Transformers an Godzilla . I do hope he still has His art in this film as in His others . I don't think it will make over 150 million . I hope its a good film, but I will wait till its on DVD.

ultrazilla2000 6/25/2013 5:26:47 PM

 This movie will make bank.  Period.  It won't be an Avengers size success, obviously, but will be on par with what the Bayformers films rack up...and that's quite a bit.

Wiseguy 6/26/2013 6:00:55 AM

 variety was reporting that Grown Ups 2 was tracking better than Pacific Rim.

They have 16 days to remedy that, but it looks pretty daunting from my vantage point

DarthoftheDead 6/26/2013 9:57:48 AM

  My advance apologie's to all interested and uninterested partie's....

Since mellowdoux won't STFU about Boycotting the fox Xmen film's, when it was obvious the subject had been dropped by me and certain others, I will now have to, in all fairness, go on about the Boycott till the cow's come home.....
If anyone has any complaints about having to hear about Boycotting Xmen ENDLESSLY(momitchell7)
Take it up with mellowdoux..........
gammenon 6/26/2013 11:05:11 AM

Looks like it could be the live action film of the Big O.

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