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blankczech 12/16/2012 10:31:40 PM

 The comments are great...

Serious Yelder's comment made me fall on the floor laughing

I hope this film does not get reviewed when it comes out...

Sometimes you want a slick, well acted, well written movie with an interesting plot

and sometimes you just want to get away for a couple of hours and watch Giant Mechanical Men

and Giant Monsters kicking the crap out of each other...

and Shia Labeouf is no where in sight

jonniej1017 12/18/2012 3:53:09 PM

WOW!!!  NICE!!!   And i think there's more than just 2 Robots.. there was a third in the background..Maybe each country builds there own robot and we go to war against the Monsters.. in any case.. looks very cool. count me IN

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