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'Painkiller Jane''s Jimmy Palmiotti gets behind the camera

By Alex Dueben     April 13, 2007

'Painkiller Jane' makes its series debut tonight at 10pm on SCI FI Channel. The character's creator, Jimmy Palmiotti, followed up Monday's exclusive interview with a few more answers to our PKJ questions.

Q: What do you think Kristanna Loken brings to the character and the show?

PALMIOTTI: Everything. She is perfect for the role because on and off camera she is Jane. When I first met her I was floored by the depth she brought to the character and I have grown to love her more and more each day. It's at the point I cannot see anyone else but Kristanna playing Jane and that makes me happy beyond words. She is perfection in my eyes.

Q: Are you writing the episode you're directing?

PALMIOTTI: No. I am writing it and Paul ziller is going to be the director. Paul is an amazing talent and understands the script, I think, better than anyone. I have been in pre production all this week with him and will be shadowing him on set for the episode. I am very excited to be able to learn what I can from him and try to make this a great episode.

Q: Is directing something you've been wanting to do?

PALMIOTTI: Yes it has, for quite some time. Directing on Jane is also something I have wanted to do because no one knows the character better than I do. I want to add something that no one has seen to the episodes. That said, I'm just looking forward to getting in there and showing I can do a good job and create some kind of challenge for the actors. It's a natural thing for a comic book artist/writer to want to do.


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