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PANDA sensei to direct HE-MAN

John Stevenson to take the reins of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie

By Rob M. Worley     January 30, 2009
Source: Variety

KUNG-FU PANDA director to helm HE-MAN movie (slideshow)
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'Kung Fu Panda' co-director John Stevenson has the bring 'Masters of the Universe' to live-action life. Variety reports that he's just been hired by Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver to develop the toy-to-animation-to-film property into a live-action movie.

Fans know He-Man and the gang primarily from the various animated incarnations. The story features a Clark Kent-esque prince Adam who transforms into the greatest hero in all Eternia to fight the evil techno-lord Skeletor. He-Man did make the leap to live-action once before in 1987s under-appreciated film starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella and Courtney Cox. That film becomes more funs for fan who watch it through the filter of Jack Kirby's 'New Gods', from which the filmmakers borrowed heavily.

Silver is producing with Mattel's Barry Waldo executive producing.

Stevenson will start with the script written a few years back by Jusin Marks.

After Hasbro struck it big at the box office with the first 'Transformers' movie there's since a push to see various toy brands onto the big screen. This summer sees the Autobots return in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' and the launch of 'G.I.Joe' as well.

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xenomorph 1/30/2009 8:14:35 AM

Actually, Transformers and G.I.Joe are currently made by Hasbro.

Unlike the 1987 version, I would like to see this one actually STAY in the land of eternia, instead of he-man and all the other characters coming to our world like in the original.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 1/30/2009 8:19:13 AM

Yeah, me too.  I'm pretty sure the reason they did that was to keep the budget down.  If I wasn't a kid at the time it would have been gay.  But they did make Skeletor at least look bad ass.

I'm liking the director they picked for this.  When I was watching the action scenes in 'Panda' I was like, "This guy could make a Daredevil or Moon Knight movie and have Shawn Ryan from The Shield write it. Or this guy could be the action director and Shawn Ryan be the regular director.

robbo 1/30/2009 9:42:57 AM

Xenomorph: Oops! Thanks for the correction. My error.

darkheart00 1/30/2009 10:16:28 AM

He-Man also borrowed heavily from it's Filmation predecessor "Blackstar", which was inspired in part by the success of Ruby-Spears "Thundarr The Barbarian" series. Funny, I could wear the "Kirby Filter" and see his influence in most print and cartoons from the time. That's why he will always be "The King".

Wallace85 1/30/2009 11:55:53 AM

The He-Man movie wasn't that bad but that was the main problem was how it wasn't in Eternia only for the begininng and that was it.But Dolph was perfect for He-Man and yes Skeletor played by Frank Lagella was a badass and Beast-Man and Evil Lynn were great too.The other thing I wasn't crazy about was how Skeletor had like these Storm Trooper types.But I'm happy this project is moving forward now that they have a director,I haven't seen Kung-Fu Panda but I heard it was good.I kinda like to see it be similar to the new He-Man cartoon that was on Cartoon Network I thought that well written and expanding on the characters along with the one-shot comics they put out.Like the Trap-Jaw one was I think the best one showing how he became that way.I'm curious on who would be a good He-Man I'm thinking of getting an unknown for that part.

Wiseguy 1/30/2009 11:58:45 AM

I hope they're referring to the script reviewed last year. That sounded totally kick ass and took out the more goofy elements (Orco) out of the equation. It was almost an epic sword & sandals & sci/fi adventure. Maybe some will complain because of the changes but IMO it seemed like a great adaptation.

bigk0318 1/30/2009 12:22:02 PM

Totaly agree with you xenomorph.  They need to have the entire movie in Eternia.  They should just do a origin story.  Didn't He-Man's mother come from Earth? And what made Skeletor a "Techno" villian.

swisshammer 1/30/2009 12:44:34 PM

If it takes place in Eternia and has a good ensemble and little CGI, this movie could be awesome! Looking forward to seeing Stratos kick some a$$!!!!

br003 1/30/2009 1:01:07 PM

I hope it's as good as the 2002 reboot was.

FilchX 1/30/2009 3:47:23 PM

Wallace actually the 1st movie was in eternia at the beginig and end(I do belive the end takes place in castle grey scull) In fact if you dont own Masters of the Univers is  a good and cheap pick up.(I picked it up last week for 5 bucks and it has a comentary with the director-for 5 bucks you cant get better than that.) My question is do you get two actors to portray He-Man...One fore prince adam and one for He-Man him self? and if so who do you get? I think  Sam Elliot would Make a great Man at arms though.

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