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Paramount Strikes Oil (Article) - 3/17/2006 8:06:45 AM

It will be based on the same out of the box concept as the "Core". I am sorry it had no concept...>< But in defense of the writers and producers they actual use bacteria to eat away petro based products, in hazmat cleanup. Still probably not a good movie concept though.

DST and Action Figure Xpress Go Native with Shanna (Article) - 3/17/2006 7:59:53 AM

If it only came topless........

Del Toro is the Man... THE WOLF MAN (Article) - 3/15/2006 8:03:13 AM

Del Toro will do this remake justice. Lets hope all the others do thier part. He was awesome in Sin City and Way of the Gun.

New Line Gets an INFECTION (Article) - 3/15/2006 8:00:16 AM

This movie sounds worthy of seeing. Hey has anybody heard when they are going to release night watch, the russian made movie?

Comics With Gay Themes Attracting Young Female Readers (Article) - 3/15/2006 3:04:42 AM

Coldhardtruth, clark, whatgives, and the other gay dislikers will be burning right along with the gays. Because sex in the bible is alonely to be used for reprodcution.( Here comes a debate of the morally correct) So dont worry I will be at the front of the line, because sex is for pleasure. So all wannabee waterwalkers get off your soap boxxes and just live your life the way you want too and dont tell what to think of someone or how to act. God will pass judgement not any of you. PS: Greg and Kurt I liked your posts and there was a few others that actually had something to say other then hatred. An yes I am a firm believer that all men desire to have the pleasure of 2 women. According to the few gay people I know they say sex is mostly oral, kissing, and such, that anal is not as frequent as most people think. Lesibian is oral and toys, so it just more fuel for the fire. Whatgives,coldhardtruth alot of republicians don't share your views, we just like are money and guns. So unfornately we have to deal with the extremists in are party and play nice with you to your face:)

Jackman is Male Star of the Year (Article) - 3/14/2006 8:05:12 AM

I am lookin forward to more of his works. Hope X3 rocks and they do the wolverine movie they are talkin about. I look forward to the wonderful postings of the season finally of nBSG........because she's a Frackin Cyclon.......

Uncle Ben Back in SPIDER-MAN 3 (Article) - 3/14/2006 6:04:08 AM

I will hold all opinions till see the final product I liked the first and second, so hopin the third will be even better.

Hayes Leaves PARK (Article) - 3/14/2006 6:01:42 AM

pier......oops my bad.

Hayes Leaves PARK (Article) - 3/14/2006 6:00:29 AM

I agree with you. See here is per pressure at I am going to miss chef. I guess it takes longer for some to see the light of thier evil doings.

Comics With Gay Themes Attracting Young Female Readers (Article) - 3/14/2006 5:04:23 AM

Man this thread is bad............. It good to see people standing up for what they believe in. Just remember sex has around longer then any being on this planet(since so many of us are using animals references in this thread). I agree with so many of you on this thread that a woman is the only thing that gets me excited. But we do not wanna see the gay lifestyle paraded around us as the way so many people of gay community do, sorry the parades really make your community look stupid. Hetros don't have parades that i know of we have sex clubs:).( I am sure u do too). But all things being equal God created man and woman. He also created the devil and all things that we deem as evil,as what we are discussing homosexuals verus hetrosexuals. So do not blame each other, media, or any other outlet of influnence, just blame the man upstairs. Sorry but I really get sick of listening to people telling me to follow the rules and beliefs of a book that is over 2000 years old that was one religion and it now has what 100 more spinoffs each claiming they are better then the other. See that is were the hatred starts and just keeps going. Basically everybody shut the fuckup no one is any better then anyone else on the planet. PS: Lets go back to talking about movies and such and not lifestyles that is what this site is for.....


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