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dracor00 5/2/2008 4:21:45 AM
i dunno if its just me. but since tuesday the advertisment for winterbirth. has taken up twice the space as all the articles on mania. so that i have to use the side to side scroll to actually see all the articles. I dont know if that is a bug or intentional but either way it is extremely annoying
chirop1 5/2/2008 6:28:50 AM
I mentioned it in the interview thread, but I really did like the book overall. It was definitely slow to get into and I never did manage to get any "marathon" reading sessions in on it. By the time I finished, I really did like the characters and the backstory though. One thing I liked most was the fact that characters were not necessarily put out there as "good" or "bad" (well with the exception of Aeglyss... and even he gets a story arc explaining things). The opening prologue of the last stand of The Hundred made me think the Black Road would be the protagonists. I liked that about the book. The ending of the book really sets things up for some interesting developments in book 2. I'm looking forward to Bloodheir this summer.
mortellan 5/2/2008 4:48:16 PM
dracor: i agree, that Winterbirth ad is the most obnoxious thing on this new site design. I'm sure its a good novel but right now I just want it to go away!
kaybar 5/3/2008 7:19:38 PM
I hear you guys, hopefully the next wave of ads here at the site won't be so aggressive. Don't hold that against Ruckley's book though, it's one of the best fantasy openers I've read in years. Chirop check your profile wall when you get a chance.


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