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Parkes Dishes On MIB2's Big Deal

By Michael Mason     July 01, 2002

SCI FI Wire recently discussed rumors that a "complicated deal" was needed to reuinite Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in their roles as Agents J and K in the upcomingMen In Black II with producer Walter F. Parkes.

"I've never known a movie that didn't come together because of a deal; if people want to do a movie a deal gets made one way or another," Parkes said.After the first film was made, Parkes and producing partner Laurie MacDonaldwere busy developing new material for DreamWorks. Smith and director Sonnenfeldwent right into Wild, Wild West. Discussion of a Men InBlack sequel didn't even start until a year after the success of thefirst.

"Then we sat down and said, 'OK, we have to have deals before we move forward.' And we spent a good year, I'd say, trying to put togetherdeals," Parkes told SCI FI. However, even that proveddifficult. "Truthfully, it was impossible, because artists don't commit to business arrangements, they commit to movies. After failing to put together an approach to it we made a decision with the studio to do it the old-fashioned way, much like the first movie."

With that Parkesand MacDonald developed the script with Bob Gordon (Galaxy Quest)."We spent a good year on that, and once we had a document that people could read and say, 'OK, we get it. That's fun. The guys get back together. Will falls in love,' then Columbia could put together adeal," Parkes said. "Actually, because they came up with a rather creative approach to it, it went down rather quickly given how big this movie was."


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