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Mania Grade: B+

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  • Art Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Released By: Icarus Publishing
  • MSRP: 19.99
  • Pages: 168
  • ISBN: 0-9728258-7-8
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Patchwork Vol. #01

By Matthew Alexander     July 17, 2006
Release Date: June 01, 2006

Patchwork Vol.#01
© Icarus Publishing

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Rego Yokoi
Translated by:Ex-S Woo
Adapted by:

What They Say
Patchwork is the debut work of rising Japanese mangaka Rego Yokoi. Collecting 9 stories about everything from a cute bunny girl, sexy teachers, and gender-bending magicians, Patchwork has something to please every ero-manga fan. Sweet romances, steamy love scenes, and lots of doe-eyed cuties...this is what ero-manga is all about!

The Review
The front cover has a white background with a green border and the title has a cool black and green marble effect. The artwork depicts a partially dressed female character standing in a somewhat compromising position. The back cover shows a green haired elf-girl wearing a skirt and long-sleeved school uniform with a European flare. She's from the fantasy story about magicians at a magic school, just with a much more adult theme than Harry Potter. The print reproduction is good with solid black tones and the pages are aligned nice and straight throughout the book. The paper is pretty thin, so there is a little bleed through in some parts of the book. Extras include a table of contents, letter from the author, a description of the stories from the author and a glossary of terms explaining honorifics.

Rego Yokoi's artwork is pretty good with exciting character design, decent shading and adequately varied characters and costumes. The female characters are very sexy and they can easily be separated from one another because they each feel like an individual and not just a variation of the artists' preferred body type like what is sometimes seen in this genre. I call it the 'interchangeable head syndrome'. The panel layout is highly varied and successfully lends a dynamic feel to the stories. The effort placed in drawing the male characters even receives an equal amount of attention when compared to the ladies. My only real complaint about the artwork is the amount of panels on each page. Yokoi tends to cram a lot of panels onto each page, along with quite a bit of dialogue, so the story sometimes feels jumbled.

The translation reads better than earlier books from Icarus and I found only one or two grammatical/spelling errors, definitely a step up in quality. Honorifics remain in translation along with the Japanese SFX, which sadly lacks an English translation that could add to the story.

Contents: (Oh yes, there may be spoilers)
As the title implies, Patchwork is a collection of stories from Rego Yokoi that were originally published in various magazines. With the exception of the two-part Under the Open Umbrella, each of the eight stories stands alone on its' own merits. The stories all share the common theme of student life and the interactions between students and with their teachers. When it comes to teachers sleeping with their students the stories lend equal opportunity to both sexes. Used Dolls is about a female teacher experimenting with one of her students and The Voyeur Puppet follows the extracurricular activities of a male teacher and one of his home-schooled students.

Feel Free to Come on Up: What's the old saying, "doing it like rabbits"? Well, Rokuda finds out that there is certainly some truth to that when a special girl named Yoshino shows up one day. The girl was a scientists' test subject and it turns out she has rabbit ears and a tail, and a penchant for sex that can match that of a young man in his prime. So with Rokuda's parents out of town he quickly takes advantage of the rabbit part of Yoshino's genealogy.

Like a Leech: Sirius is attending a school for magicians when he falls in love with an elf-girl named Siren. When his lucky day with Siren arrives it turns out to be less than fortunate. Apparently having sex with an elf can have drastic consequences leading to uncontrollable changes to the anatomy of a human. Siren assures him there is a cure, but will she ever share it with Sirius or will he spend the rest of his days as her sex slave?

Can You Set My Heart Aflutter!: Kina and her Communications Club are in a dire situation, they have to find new members to join or their club will be cancelled. So in an attempt to stand out of the crowd and get the attention of other students, Kina dresses in a very sexy outfit that exemplifies her legs and bosoms. Her new plan of attack certainly attracts the attention of her coeds, but are men really going to be interested in a Communications Club? Maybe there's something Kina can do to convince them to join.

The art remains consistent throughout this book even though the stories were originally published in various magazines over a three-year span. The stories are variations on a common theme but they have a good variety of sex acts and avoid bondage and violent non-consensual sex. In fact, I really enjoyed this book and I've already read it twice. Not only were the stories . . . er, exciting, but the artwork was good and the characters were attractive and life-like. What I mean by life-like, is the way some artists draw girls that look like mannequins or stiff girls with what appear to be bad cosmetic enhancements. All and all, this is an enjoyable read and a good book for someone new to the adult manga experience or one wary of the ultra graphic books.


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