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Paul Storrie On Mutant X Comic

By Rob Allstetter     February 01, 2002

Victoria Pratt of MUTANT X
© Marvel Comics

Paul Storrie continues to adapt TV shows into comics. Storrie, who has written BATMAN BEYOND and JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES for DC Comics, has contributed a story to Marvel Comics' MUTANT X: DANGEROUS DISCOVERIES one-shot.

Storrie's story is called "Dangerous Games" and it features Shalimar Fox, who is played in the TV series by Victoria Pratt.

"I was pretty happy when Andrew (Lis, editor) picked one of the stories I pitched him about Shalimar," Storrie says. "She's probably my favorite character in the show. Victoria Pratt does a terrific job portraying both her strength and her vulnerability."

The story takes place before the television series.

"It's set just after her high school graduation -- which, according to the character's age on the show, should be about 7 years ago -- and depicts the events that led her to the role of protector and hero," Storrie says.

Storrie is working with artist Stefano Caselli.

"I have to say that I am very excited about the work I've seen from him so far," Storrie says. "Stellar stuff."

MUTANT X: DANGEROUS DECISIONS will be 48-pages and will arrive in stores on April 17.

Storrie continues to work on the five-issue GOTHAM GIRLS mini-series based on the Batman animated characters -- for DC Comics. The mini-series features Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Renee Montoya and Harley Quinn.


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