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ElBaz13 8/19/2013 5:17:08 AM

Ah yes blankczech, because Image Comic heroes are huge box office draws! You make an awesome point!

Comicbook movies should not be for kids. WB and Disney should make their heroes more mature like Ant Man shrinking to go in girls locker rooms, Thor nailing every chick on the planet, Wolverine skewering people with his claws and seeing the intestines rip out of their bodies. These would be huge box office draws!

 Look at Kick-Ass 2's huge opening weekend of 13 million. If I was a movie studio, I would get to work right away on potential money earners in the same line. Where's Spawn 2?  I could imagine a super huge 150 million opening weekend for The Authority. Hey, how about making a Witchblade movie since the TV show was a huge hit?


Daybreak0100 8/19/2013 11:34:10 AM

They really should make them a little more mature, and FUN. Rather than just down right ignorant and so light toned that it takes the seriousness out of it. I'm not saying make the Dark Knight in every film, but I do think Marvel and Disney get a 'little' too carried away at times. I felt like Iron Man 3 was a comedy.

Atleast with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg I will know what to expect, rather than being disappointed.

blankczech 8/20/2013 11:10:44 PM

 I don't understnad why whenever I suggest I'd like to see these comic book movies have a little more dramatic tension someone implies that I'm suggesting they make slasher porn flicks to pollute peoples minds. I think theres a lot that can be done to improve mindless kiddie movies geared at making huge profits before you get to brutally violent blood fests.

Isn't it tiring to continually see movies with good super villains fighting evil super villains, knowing full well how it's all going to turn out  before you even enter the theatre.

Aren't they really just recycling cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers all over again except now the good guys have super powers and wear spandex and the bad guys turn into lizards or have a red skull for head.

When I was a kid I grew bored with good guys vs. bad guys right away and chose instead to watch movies like Universal's King Kong, Frankenstein and the Wolfman (my parents didn't pick the movies I was allowed to watch like they do now). In these flicks the lines between good and bad were a little blurry (often you found yourself rooting for the monster) and as a result of watching them, I've grown up to be only a slightly insane adult (I think), who writes verbose comments on Mania.

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